All Star Season

Slappin' In The Trunk

by Mistah F.A.B.

on All Star Season (2008)

[Verse 1: Mistah F.A.B.]
Mistah F.A.B live lav and I'm gettin bread
Plus I run in the bay like I'm Roger Craig
I be all in the city eatin lots of cheese
With my young hyenas that be poppin E's
Throwin up my tee's
Puttin on my face
Shake it like I'm shootin dice in every place
When I hit telegraph, I roll through the hat store
Buy 6 A's caps man then I'm good to go
Tell AC I'll holla walk out the door
Hop in my scraper, but I dont close the door
Leave 'em wide open all the way back to Oakland
My game behind the wheel is one of the dopest
My tranny is slippin, but I'm still dippin'
Police right behind me, & I ain't even trippin'
A ticket ain't nothin' I get em all the time
Police wanna hate but they can't stop my shine

Slappin' in the trunk
Knockin' in the trunk
Sounds like it must be a body in the trunk
Cuz there'z Slappin' in the trunk
Knockin' in the trunk
Sounds like it must be a body in the trunk
Shhh Dont tell nobody, Dont tell nobody
Shhh Dont tell nobody... It's a body in the trunk

[Verse 2: Young Uno]
Rappin on the track wit Mistah F.A.B
It's Wolf Pack in the field with Thizz E.N.T
15 slappin' in the trunk Thump, Thump
n*ggas hangin' out the scrapers goin' dumb, dumb
It got more bass then the sh*t on the streets
I'm like Shaq in Miami cuz I still bring the heat
When the middle touch the pinky and that thumb go up
It must be that lil n*gga comin' f*ckin' sh*t up
From the city of the hyphy and the sideshow biz
Doors open, trunk stumpin' n*gga's scrapin' they sh*t
Its that thumpin' in the trunk
That knockin' in the trunk
It must be them kickers that's f*ckin up ya trunk
Im still Lil Uno Young hyphy of the click
And I go dumber then ya average special Ed kid
You can call me crazy but I'm just a lil twisted
Cuz I drop more bars then a candy called Twix


[Verse 3: Keon Kash]
There's a heavy in the Chevy and I'm slappin' in the trunk
Puffin on that purple man I'm stankin' like a skunk
High ball on the on the scene gettin' stupid doo doo nuts
On the flow hands high and I'm screamin' like what
With my boy Across and I'm tryina floss
Fitted caps white Tee and now feelin' like a boss
Now I'm yokin' poppin' pease lookin' fresh in my white tee
Baby get an eye, Im like oo I think she like me
Boojie's poppin' nikes oo I'm hella hyphy
Draft up in rhymes and in yo system like an IV
Got no time for hood sh*t
Trigga gettin' pulled sh*t
But I scrape a n*gga if he come here with that bull sh*t
Fire on the track plus the beat gon slap
Droppin' like a body like a b*tch on the track
So when you here me comin I be knockin' in the trunk
But I probably gotta body up in my trunk

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