Primary Offender


by Missing Texture

on Primary Offender (2019)

[Verse 1]
Aye boutta rant like Zant
Diamonds on my hand
Imma try and fuck it all up in Japan
I ain't got a clue like I'm One Punch Man
I hop on this beat like a sperg would do Sans
And after May goes Imma peace out bitch Imma drive my ass down to where the preps can't get
I'm talking big money like a British whore sket
I'll be out there on my own, I'll be left for the dead
I be left for the dead like valve can't count, huh
Runnin' numbers up but avoid all the clout, huh
One outta nine bitch you know I main Scout, huh
Drip so much could prevent a fucking drought, huh
Life's a movie, and I swear this ain't Disney
I'mma take a fiver light it up like I'm chimney
You a wack lookin boy lookin like Gibby
Why you actin hard boy we know you a pussy

You a bitch, you a bitch, you should get the fuck out of my business my business
Don't know how, don't know when, somehow ended up in your grammas crib
Your grammas crib

[Verse 2]
Aye got an ocarina, dripping Aquafina
Imma see ya later bitch I wouldn't wanna be ya
My homies hauling drugs wearing all wife beaters
They be dancing like the natives yeah I call em Keef Chiefers
Mothafucka mothafucka wanna dance real good
Wanna throw hands bitch, but I'm out in the woods
Yeah I taught myself to drive I pulled up to the loot
You eyeing my fit like the jealous type of dude
Aye that's a green light
That's a fucking green light, yuh
Meaning she can smile I keep giving her my life, yuh
20 plus hours of messaging a day
Can't put the phone down so what does that really say, huh
Out here like Quad tryna run my damn name up
My backstory, happiness on the hold up
Now I'm feeling great I got out of my fucking rut, yuh
Got em lined up like they interviewing for Starbucks

[Break 2]
I got the plug, he rolls up, he's bumpin' all my shit he knows I kill the track, I kill the track
Now I'm gone, now I'm wack, still fuckin' on yo grams she can throw it back, she throws it back

[Verse 3]
I can drop ya once, I can drop ya twice
Mothafucka wanna come at me I'll drop ya thrice
And I pray for a thrown bone
My homies home grown
On the phone while I'm sitting all up on the chrome throne (yeah!)
All I ever do is refer to pop culture
My homie says that's the way of a vulture
And that I need to grow up, and maybe even mature
But what would I do if I didn't have the culture?
Nah nah, fuck that shit, let it eat
Why you think I'm fuckin' rappin' on a bumpin' Zelda beat?
I be repping my passions even when I'm spitting shit
Young Lion happened cause I had a smash bros kick
So what I'm tryna say is to go for your dreams
Try to get out there you can find out what it means
Hobbies are one thing, but passion is another
If you're passionate my brother don't muzzle it undercover
The Gallows was written and before I even knew it
6 months later and now I'm just here stewing
I'm over it now, but should I drop it anyways
These questions run through my mind as I contemplate
Nah but fuck that shit
Imma get another hoe to get on my dick
Dont wanna fuck with the lames or the sheep or any these pricks
I'm a whole fucking man in this bitch
Made my own path with a stick
You a bitch, you a bitch I'm fucking rich you can't tell me shit yuh
That's the mindset I'm training for, learning for, make my whole life yearning for
Might snap and take out half of y'all, urn and all, yuh (thanos!)
Got a bunch of jocks stay jerkin my jock
But all this happening when The Burial dropped
Not to mention the fappening when I go the fuck off
They don't even know that my fuckin' EP dropped
Motherfuckers hype me up like some sorta diss king
But they don't even know that I live in the ring
Let me step out the gate, let me demonstrate, all of the hate I create
When I penetrate
Won't name wack kids and their glade spring cribs
But know that every line I spit is aimed at them
Didn't put out a date for my personal shit
Man I knew if I did they'd be sus as shit

“Why does this dude think he can rap and shit?”
That's what they're actually thinking to themselves
They're thinking like-

“Why does this dude think he can rap and shit?”
Mothafucka listen to Bogus! that bitch was lit
I'm telling you now that you know who I am
I cut up all of my beef and sizzle like spam
Y'all braise on yo beef and swim in quicksand
Cuz underclassmen are thinking I'm immortal
Like I'm stepping through a goddamn space stone portal
Y'all sucking on my dick I got nut stored for days
These fucking preppy bitches stay stuck in their ways
Every time I wear a shirt they don't get it's great
Teens only talk about bumping uglies and grades
Like how the fuck are you gonna call me lame?
How you gonna call me lame bitch?

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On Zant! by Missing Texture

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