The Click Song

Lakutshn Ilanga

by Miriam Makeba

on The Click Song (2008), Mama Africa (1991) Folk Songs From Africa (1997)

You tell such lovely lies
With your two lovely eyes
When I leave your embrace
Another takes my place

Your kiss that I adore
Makes me come back for more
Although my heart is wise
To all your lovely lies

The devil is a woman
So enticing and oh so beguilin'
And the devil is a woman
Who hurts you while she's smilin'

Lost in a masquerade
My heart has played and paid
A broken my prize
For all your lovely lies

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On Lakutshn Ilanga by Miriam Makeba

By Tovi


After years of humming this song and never being able to find it, or who sang it, here it is!
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