Mind Over Body

Follow Your Instinct

by Mindflow

on Mind Over Body (2006)

Dole your veins,
Till i'm done

Rope and hang,
Your narrow soul

Undone vile
Memories to fall

Dread of your h.a.t.equals:

1... maybe you were used.
2... abused?
4... hmmm... lie (cold?)
Wise to deny the dirty
(betrayed?) you like. (index)

Remove my moonlight (final row)
Drop the knife,
A little of me wants a dramatic role.

Grow your lines,
A runaway guides to a locked room.

Hold me lilac rose and...
Hide insisde my eyes.
Long run to learn me and live as one
Life: why me?
Drain it down
Put in me your will to live, realease me of
This endless wave, wakeful awake!

-why do they can hope like two rays?
-true. many even breaths alone.

Well sometimes i think i only caught you because of your lipstick.

A roaring tongue,
Final raid of a plastic tube
Internal crave of a blin man's youth

Helpless male behind the brume
Triad: painfull, denial, and guilt,
Signing memos inside his bruise.
Eternal jigsaw with no left clues.

Wiling on and on to free my way.
Wet, the load of rain forms a rite.
No longer resembles her,
We can lust and earn it all.
Mind invaded.

Uh... eventide, light a candle for
The reflex of all your own,

And reunite, erase yourself away.
Learning to be no one.

Candid isolation worried
Worried about your face?
You will forget about your mind!

It ain't alive until they rule, devour around.
(naive inside!)

Bound down brain, bow now real (not even real love)
It under my faith.

Let a little flame light inside,
All alone, yet so full of lives.
Unless you close your eyes

Find me and them,
Hurdle race,
To hurt, save, take

War! why?
What are they digging in my brain?
Hand a knife!
You're a toy!

You listen to me! what a fool you are
Imagined i apologize for anything!
What do you want from me?

Do i lie?
So tell me what's under naked eye.
Supposed to live a life in your lie,
Fair i try. (i won't allow)
I won't allow this! (i won't allow)
Enough! tell me your answer!

Will i lie to be alive?

Moulder inside,
Oily heart, i did all to feel refined
You're not worth of life
Unmeant harm
Meant pain
Weary and wrong
Murderer onward way
Dated novel rakes
Both the stalkers
No way radar gives it
A light of danger
Comes around them:
Door way!
This war sets no warning!
The hall's growing gray

Crow noctural rain, from noctural loaf,
On a ritual often well done,
Curb, to my dear fallen,
A lagger on the lane,
Rather wait, rubber erase
It washes stains of time,
Long rail goes.
Feel. the air is getting all,
Fill my lungs,
Not alone, and on.
Render i...

Bring to me your own,
Leading one more round,
Try to leave this crown.

Turn, tame, i
Don't respect the sign
Either way have i.
To there, cold sigh.

Left the night
With no trace...

Cry a river for my enrapt
Behavior: one to randowm.
Leading the rank of
All the rays, yet,
Fade out the sight,
I'm afraid of the light

Fatherless for all my life,
A reason to want and wait this alibi.

Go far,
Too late
Gold and wine,
An intervention to die
Fury latent, all alone,
Time for a faint

I am alive in you,
When an empty vice is used.
You've read the lines i've wrtitten on,

Drew many along the way,
Time to give it a time. bit hard, paralyze

Pay for all the crimes.

We are alive to redo all
The wrong and pain,

We have a live conscious,
(me too i ve alaways been here)

We are alive.

...ring my own with die

Where are the...
Near my home... not in hole.
Nerv break? don't you tell lies!
We will lie...

..to live

Hold me lilac rose and...
Hide inside my eyes
Long run to learn me
And live as one
Life: why me?
Drain it down
Put in me your will...

Needle, rive!

Aim at the nape line.

Could little red eyes,
Turn in gold?

Wrecking the letters
Alone, borderline
Long live the murder in i,
Rout it!
Like a lyrical highway,
Nothing is really too
Not another right in i,
Another night on the
Light of dark.
Now i lay tight with my
So unbereable life,
Lone life, lonely life

Not alone, i'm alone
Not alone, so alone
Not alone, just alone
Not alone, i'm home.

Not alone, i'm alone
Not alone, so alone
Not alone, just alone
Not alone

Begging to be bad,
Bleeding to be a sad
Ballet of dreams in
Bagging the bale of
Begging to be sad,
Bleeding to be a sad,
Ballet in black.

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