Rebel Without A Cause

Rebel Without A Cause

by Mike Zombie

on Rebel Without A Cause (2015)

My life is coming together and is falling apart
Rebelling got it's negatives too so i'm like where do i start?
(I'm like where do I start?)

[Verse 1]
My last two years won't even fit into this album or song
Imma try and give you a gist of the shit that i'm on
Or the shit that i'm going through on top of shit that I saw
This the shit that I save for last the people doing me wrong
Been giving my all, all on top of giving my all
Only thing I want in return is a genuine call
A thank you, some understanding or a genuine call
But everybody ain't like me, or that's my feeling involved?
Man welcome to closure, look at my face you won't notice
That my momma's palace was about to go under foreclosure
Imma fix it, i'm pose to, back to the wall like a poster
Bitch im going crazy if they asking me "How is it going?"
More money more problems was sounding so crazy at first, and then I fucked up an got it now i'm just starting to notice
Money depleting due to the hundreds and thousands i'm loaning
What if i said fuck it, just got it, decided to blow it
I'm loosing focus
My mamas heated she ain't come to the Grammys
She don't understand its niggas out there trying to jam me
We got to arguing, you know pointing her fingers.. she understood
Next time mama, I promise to bring you
I went from lifeguard, to giving life in my bars
I went from dropping out to dropping off cash for the car
I went from, class clown to first class in the stars
I went from no hoes in college to a ho collage
And that's a whole difference from back then and to now
How the fuck was y'all even tripping cause im never around?
No apologies cause you probably benefiting somehow
Think about it next time before you get to bitching
For now? Listen up

Look at me on TV with my niggas
I said look at me on TV with my niggas
Nobodys done it better or painted a better picture
I displayed the beginning of me and all my niggas man
I said look at me on TV with my niggas
I said look at me on TV with my niggas
Nobodys done it bigger or painted a better picture
I displayed the beginning of me and all my niggas man

[Verse 2]
,you hear?
Well hear some bullshit
How I got a daughter, no son but a nigga still got two kids nigga
You know what the fuck i'm talking about?
First I said fuck it, but fuck it now i'm just letting it out
You love when negative energy is spreading around
I fucked up getting you pregnant and I regret it right now, regret you
You're not my daughter and I am not your farther but i'm the closest thing you ever see you could call it
Took a Miami trip, had to meet you on the strip just so I can give you money for my daughter, fuck is this? Oh thats a trip
Now she be trippin. Tell me how you trippin
While you at it tell them who copped you the last whip you was whippin'
And I'll ask you if your sure? And how we here in court
And make sure you tell your honor how the fuck you got the car
Oh you don't got that shit no more?
Shit got towed, Oh you went short?
Oh that happened after court, God still don't like ugly i'm sure
I do it all you still want more
You bitter and you scorned
Keep it G and ask yourself who the fuck you did it for, on the set
But let me get off that
My main focus is getting chips off rap, and getting my life in order
Two girls last year had my abortions and i call my self testing the waters
When you rebelling I swear ain't nothing you can tell them
Ain't no reason i'm just young and addicted to acting restless
I probably won't learn my lesson but fuck it i'm living better
And niggas is pulling guns on me because them niggas is jealous
I'm a rebel with no cause
Fuck is up? Fuck is up?
And i'm a rebel without a cause
Fuck is up?
Thats why I do what I want, You only live life once man

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