In the Rain

by Mike Stud

on Rain (2017), A Toast to Tommy

[Verse 1: Mike Stud]
Can you tell me what I'm drinking?
Forgetting what I ordered
Ball ‘till we fall, Mr. Fourth Quarter
Sign off the tabs, looking like an author
Girl on each border, but I don't want ‘em
Cause the girl to my right talks before she thinks
And the girl to my left only here for drinks
Before the night they didn't know my damn name
I swear they're only here for the champagne
Cause it goes down smooth on another budget
But it's cool, take it out on you when we fucking
I want this shit forever, but you never know, so you've gotta let me go
Living through my music, you can have what's left of me
Thinking about my cake, and you ain't in the recipe
Now this rap shit's feeling like my destiny
Killing every track, my album named the Kennedy's
Cause if you're up and coming, you had to start down
Would they all stick around through the dark clouds?
I put my drink down, just for a second
Let me have your attention
I got a question

[Hook: Justin Cohen]
If life came crashing down, and if I lost it all
No more time to crawl, would you catch me if I fall?
If the sun turned to rain, and I lost all the fame
But I'm still the same, would you love me in the rain?

[Verse 2: Mike Stud]
Hopefully we never know
Surrounded by new faces and ready hoes
She says she ain't a groupie; we already know
Same story, different day, girl let it go
She saw bottles poppin', bingo
Falling for these chicks is not an option, get dough
Fucking up the game and never stopping, nympho
When the album droppin', yall cop it, Winslow
Ha, now my old girl callin'
She saw me ballin', so she called bawling
Ha, it's a cold world darling
Schedule tough, I stay rushin', Stalin
Cause when you're on top, people waiting for your fall
Putting numbers in my phone that I never call
I put my drink down, just for a second
Let me have your attention
I got a question, yeah


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On In the Rain by Mike Stud

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