Mike Beasley

GOP Primetime Rap Battle 2: Save Dat Country

by Mike Beasley

[Intro: Neil Cavuto (Gerard Baker) {Maria Bartiromo}]
I'm Neil Cavuto, alongside my co-moderators, Maria Bartiromo
And the editor and chief of the Wall Street Journal, Gerard Baker
(And here they are
Donald Trump, Ben Carson)
Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush
{Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Rand Paul}
Business issues can be riveting
And so, we begin
[Verse 1: Donald Trump (Neil Cavuto) {John Kasich} |Gerard Baker|]
(Mr. Trump, you want to blow up Bernie Sanders)
A hundred percent, yes, I'd rather take advantage
Of everyone, we have people making the deals
By the way, Mexico will be repealed
{Well look, we can't ship eleven million people}
What's happening right now, we have no idea
{You know what, my father carried mail on his back}
{His father -} Hold it, wait a minute, |Governor Kasich|
[Verse 2: Donald Trump (Carly Fiorina) {Rand Paul} |John Kasich|]
Nobody wants to listen to him
Keep going, let me talk about Iran
They blew up this country
(Actually, who helped write this bill?)
(Vladamir Putin, I've met his as well)
(The Egyptians, the Saudis, in Maradi, Kuwaiti)
(King Abdullah of Jordan, the Kurds, Bahrainis)
{Nature has a role, I'm the profligate spender}
|First of all, let me tell you this, there's plenty of standards|
[Verse 3: Neil Cavuto (Maria Bartiromo) {John Kasich} |Ben Carson|]
I know you, I know you wanna talk, and - I know you want to talk, but we also promised to get people home tonight
(More than fifty-eight million people have given up)
(Tripling over the next ten years)
{Look, I hate to crash the party} |They call that a lie|
{I've done it twice, I'll do it thrice}
|We're talking about global jihadists, and it hurts|
|I wouldn't allow that to occur|
[Verse 4: Marco Rubio (Jeb Bush)]
It took Candy Crush one year to crucify Christians
In the twenty first century it's a disaster, but it isn't
We have more businesses dying than Hilary Clinton
They were successful, direct consequence of decisions
(And if we're serious about being serious about Hilary Clinton)
(One in ten people right now aren't working, really?)
(This is not the best America it can be)
[Break: John Kasich (Jeb Bush) {Maria Bartiromo}]
Excuse me, I would like to make a comment
(You've already made two comments, John. It's my turn)
{We have more questions for you, Governor Kasich, coming up}
(Well, I'm gonna get my question right now)
He got a deal with them!
[Verse 5: Ted Cruz (John Kasich) {Rand Paul} |Maria Bartiromo|]
America is in crisis, you know as government gets bigger and bigger
The biggest lie is that Republicans are the party of the rich
Absolutely not. That is horseshit
(Well let me just explain, when there is a school shooting)
(How do you get there and help try to fix a community?)
{The question came earlier, where would you cut?}
|Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Facebook|
[Verse 6: Ted Cruz]
As you rightly noted, from 2008
We should be pushing grannies off cliffs, with JFK
In the 1920s, we have done it before
And you mistated what I've said on entitlement before
[Break 2: John Kasich (Donald Trump)]
I've got a couple of things here, first of all
(You should let Jeb speak) We have grown -
*John Kasich and Donald Trump try to talk over each other*
[Verse 7: Jeb Bush (Maria Bartiromo)]
Thank you Donal, for allowing me to speak, that's really nice of you
What a generous man you are, we should repeal the rules
(Fourty one percent of Americans contribute to climate change)
(Hashtag GOP debate)
We could get to four percent growth - we had the opposite
We could grow our Reagan love, Reagan was no copy cat
[Verse 8: Gerard Baker]
Let me get to a question, that I think will get to the retirees
Chinese investments and the Chinese military
Fifty years ago, the largest hotel chains
Were nearly nonexistant, growing their presence in the United States
With a commercial that featured American companies
Hundreds of cyber attacks, which were expensive politically
What gonna be different this time?
[Verse 9: Neil Cavuto (Maria Bartiromo) {Ben Carson}]
You have long been known, this lackluster night
So sir, just to be clear, that is not fair
Donald Trump says you railed against healthcare
(Tax reform is a powerful lever. At the same time, expect a recession)
(You said, your policies cut deaths)
{That's why they're called special ops. That doesn't help}
[Break 3: Rand Paul (John Kasich) {Gerard Baker}]
Yeah, I'd like to finish, I'd like to finish my response, basically
*John Kasich and Gerard Baker try to talk over each other*
{We really need to move on}
(I think you were coming to me)
[Verse 10: Donald Trump (Ben Carson) {Marco Rubio} |John Kasich|]
I am self funding Hilary Clinton, we cannot win this election
(In the two hours of this debate, five people have died)
(That's a narriative we can change)
{My mother was a maid, more expensive than a machine}
{Through hard work and perseverance, we call that the American Dream}
{But now, because Wahington is out of touch}
{They hate us because of our values. They hate us because of}
|Mr. Trump|
[Outro: Maria Martiromo (Neil Cavuto)]
Thank you
(That'll do it. Thank you for joining us)

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