Mic Righteous

Fire in the Booth 2

by Mic Righteous

*Let's Get Ready to Rumble*

[Mic Righteous]

Let's make some history…
BBC Radio 1, Fire in the Booth, Part 2
Big-up everybody, brother!

(Charlie Sloth: Let's get ‘em Mic, let's make some history again Mic.)

Yeah, yeah, turn the beat up, Check, check, check
Big-up Naughty Boy on the beat

[Verse 1: Mic Righteous]

Listen… yo
We trying to find somebody
Look in my eyes; you'll see I'm somebody
Inside one's body, you're somebody
I'm seeing drug abusers in the A&E lobby
Could have been somebody, should have seen one's body
Looking sorry like I just want to love somebody
Want to see, want to touch, want to hug somebody
Put the drugs down, be around somebody
But all I see is sorrow so I down some voddy
And we walk around with a pocket full of pound signs
Ignore that beggar outside the offy
Got to smell some coffee, got to help somebody
See a young girl go and sell one's body
And we ain't got the heart to go and tell somebody
It take doesn't a real man to kill somebody
It takes a man of his word to heal somebody

Yeah, when the economy collapses
And the world stops spinning on its axis
We're being dragged through hell backwards
Mother Nature can't take the weight the population inflates
Global Warming's still a threat we ignore cos we ain't stressed
There's a war going on outside your doorstep
I wish these politicians would talk less
All we have is each other in the end
Keep in contact with your brothers and your friends
How can we praise a man's death?
Put in on the front page of every paper
They're playing with our heads
I feel something coming in the wind
Just look at all the trouble that we're in
This music thing was god's gift
It's only right that you get what you give

So what comes after the storm?
If the calm is before it
Stuck in the dark of the night
But just left scars in the morning
In the heart of the riots, I admire your defiance
But nah, I can't supportive
The roads are on fire, the police are on horses
We've live or let die, these are our choices
For the people in Hackney, Ealing, people in Croydon
Birmingham, buildings we're burning ‘em
People destroy them, the speaking is pointless
I feel like silence is best as the riots spread like fire inside the heads
Of the youth who are looking through eyes of men
Without guidance in a violent environment
And when the bubble boils and it finally bursts
Find the right target before you fire first
Say goodbye to the shops where you buy your burn
It's your own community that the fire burnt
I said I feel for the man that lost his life's work
Everything he ever had just turned to ash
Mum was in her flat, lying on the couch
Little did she know that there's a fire in her house now
Picture me when nothing is left
Picture this; the final letter, no light at the end
Now screw that piece of paper up, write that again
We all lie and pretend, it's only right we confess
I try my best, I write to express, get it off my chest
Does that mean I'm weaker than the rest?
My blood gets pumped from my heart to the ink that's in my pen
From my pen it gets to projected to the speaker to your head

Don't think I'm a leader, believe me I'm not anybody
I'm just Rocky. I'm sorry
Sorry I ain't strong enough either
Sorry for leading you on
Sorry for leaving my son
Sorry for leaving before I even made peace with my Mum
Trying to be right just left me in the wrong
Sorry for saying sorry so much in this song
But the same bold capital pops up in my head

Charlie Sloth, Radio 1 Fire in the Booth yeah, yeah

(Charlie Sloth: Mic Righteous is in the building, man)

Let me come back, let me talk to them, let me tell them something

It's kind of hard being Righteous
Especially when you come from a community as deprived as mine is
And you put your trust in a government
Who are too busy fighting to come and guide you
Put you in a vicious cycle, push you to one side
And you sit there in silence in the pit of society
Where we're fighting amongst each other and die violently
I sit there and think how righteous I would be if I let that slide
I write for the people that got left behind, yeah
I said I ride for the people, alright
I said I ride for the people that get left behind
I write for the people, I ride for the people that get left behind
I said I ride
Fire in the Booth, Charlie Sloth, Radio 1! *WOOF*

…Let's just go in, go straight in brother
This one's exclusive just for you Sloth

Let's go… you remember this one right?

[Verse 2: Mic Righteous]

I came with words of a broken man, working a hopeless plan
Although the plan was hopeless, work it, I know we can
They gave the underdog the upper hand
I wish you had a brain so you could understand
How desperate does somebody have to be for you to love ‘em?
Since when has anyone got anywhere from doing nothing?
The say just look how much you have done in one year
Had to go back to where I came from, I've come here
I'm Charlie Sheen, I've only got one gear and it's gone
It's the year of the yob, I told Charlie Sloth
I've only got one fear and it's God, I think he's hearing me Sloth
They must be hearing me wrong; they've got their hair in a knot
Can you hear me or not? Yo I nearly forgot
I've been wearing this same top for like eight days on the trot
They say ‘wait up' these days I don't wait for the clock
‘Cos I got on my skates, it's a race to the top
I got accustomed to the fast life and I bark like a dog
Because I think I was one in my past life
Just signed my first deal but it won't be the last time
Put fire in the booth then I put fire in the house
Ask Richard from Hard-Fi, I live this, I can't lie
Last time I was here you almost heard my heart cry
I'm like a bird that can't fly
Is this the price you pay for a hard life?
I wouldn't buy your chain for half price
I could turn your brightest day into a dark night
At this stage of my career it's clear I can't die
And here's the reason why I can't fall; I'm leading by example
Living proof in the booth, on the stage
Interviews; nothing new. Friends; only trust a few
Still down with the same pals ‘cos only some are true
But the rest just come and go, some are holding up the queue
Can't expect you all to care because the world shares different views
All I do is bark, big zoot, bars
Still wipe the window with the instros and blast
Still asking why I get the info last
‘Cos when I get close, something gets broke; Glass
Shit don't last, it's no bar, Yeah it's no myth, how'd I get so far?
It happened so quick, guess man just won't quit
Nah, Kelsie what happened to her?
Same time, my brother Habib what happened to him?
Like so many others trapped in that pen
If you're listening just know I got your back ‘til the end
Stay in control of yourself; we all say we're going through hell
But at least you ain't alone in that cell
Stuck in a situation where no one can help
Counting down those precious seconds in your mind as regret
Brother just use them precious seconds as your time to reflect
That goes for all my young offenders living life in the ends
I think God went wrong and put a mind in our chest
And our hearts inside of our heads
Is there light at the end of this tunnel we're in
Where everybody struggles to live
Pakistan's an ocean, bodies in the brown water floating
Everybody forgets as Syria falls apart
We watch the problems regress (yo!) when will it end?
(Ay yo!) Sloth, drop that bomb sound effect on the press
If I could take it all back would I have said what I said?
Yeah man, I'd have said it again
You're the ones who represent until there ain't nothing left
Once again, if they want to they can censor it
But these are your beliefs so I can see why you're so sensitive
Forget that ‘Beemer' Benz or Bentley shit, we collecting benefits
See that chain around your neck?
I'll strangle you to death with it
I'm a terrorist, who won't speak to police intelligence
Blow up the whole scene won't leave no evidence
My mix-tape was free; tell me how the hell I'm selling it
Sell it to appeal to the women?
I've been real; they just feel how I'm spitting
Still got bare dirty dishes and bills in the kitchen
Life's real for the women, still our children are in it
It's an evil world we live in, the time is nigh
Any innocent child is a child of mine
We stand under one sun, no man is divine
What gives you the right to kill a man and his wife?
You hear the bombs drop; we see the ash in the sky
This is what happens when the planets collide
It's got my thinking about my life like
I don't want die without saying goodbye (yo!)
They'll wonder why I'm saying this twice
‘Cos life has made me mad, the old me left and he ain't been back
Said I'd rather get jumped by eighteen man
Next month I'm a poor Mum's baby's Dad
And that right there was my worst nightmare
Now that you're alive, Elijah I'm right here
And I'll be in your corner when it's time to fight fear
When you arrived I cried tears
Feels like you've been alive for light years
I'm trying to provide with the one thing I can do in this life
So before I finish up this for my avid listener
To my own art I've become a prisoner
‘Cos some music, we make for ourselves
But this music dawg is straight to the shelves
And my team gonna stack ‘P' ‘til it hits the ceiling
Travel the world; give it back to the kids that need it
We're all about actions, what good is speaking?
Still Mic, still Righteous, still spit with meaning
We saw the U.K. flying so we jumped on board
Real recognise real, the love is pure

…Let's go in. (Sloth: Let's shut ‘em down!) Yeah

[Verse 3: Mic Righteous]

Yeah I got that, where the yobs at?
Yeah I got that, I said where the yobs at?
Charlie Booth, Charlie Booth bruv (haha)
Oi! Turn the beat up

What's that? Bare talk, keep talking I declare war
If you don't want it then what are you staring for?
If you don't want it then why are you staring?
What's that? Bare talk, keep talking I declare war
If you don't want it then what are you staring for?
‘Cos you don't know me, therefore;

You don't know what we're capable of
Anyway, we came to take what we want
They've been taking the piss and now we're taking the pots
And they ain't got a pot to piss in but so what

Anybody want to get their body buried in the forest?
Anybody running for them come and set it off in seven seconds
And the voice that's in my head is like “Get ‘em! Get em!'”
So I said, yeah I got that and I came from the road where the yob's at
If you're not on it get lost fam, I'm from the south east
Where we're trapped in the D'n'B days, Old Skool raves
Gets on the stage, I've got my collar up, joggers tucked into my socks
Got a cosh tucked under my top for anybody running their gob
It's like that, I grew up with white trash
And we live on the other side of the map
Man are dying over scraps the government do jack
You die around here your body ain't coming back
No roses, no violets, the roads are violent
No disguises, bare-knuckle fighting
Load up the LTZ 90's like my wifey, yo
Too evolved with the rhythm I kill them
Talking about real when Mic's in the building
Stop telling me to chill, when I'm dealing with children
What you talking ‘bout realness? I'm ‘The Realness'
I'm thunder, your fucking with a storm
Under the ground, like I'm under the floor
So keep on running with your jaws, done them I'm bored
I don't rap for the fame, I don't rap for entertainment
I don't rap just to get the papers, I don't rap for a chain
I don't rap for a name, in fact; I don't even know why I came in the game
I'm ten steps ahead; you'll get left in flames
Don't respect the name? I'll dead them again
Forget them they're lame, they're fake
I ain't got no time to put my foot on the brake

Give me the love, give me the hate
Give me the beats, give me the drums, give me the bass
Give me the pen, then give me the page
I feel like every lyric I've written I‘ve got to spit again
I've got to make a name for myself
If I can't achieve that then take me to hell
We'll take this one up with the devil himself
I'm afraid of failing, William and Kate live in Britain is a mess
So many men are living life in the ends
Living depressed, they can feel the stress
Feeling like they really want to kill the rest
Lost sense, what's next? God what's left?
Should I do it like Wretch, pray for a top ten?
Tick Tock, Tick Tock, tip top ten
Time's running out like it's got legs
Man say hip-hop's dead. Which? What? When?
Try say that to my pen, I'm back with a vengeance
Hand on my head when they hand me the sentence
Every section, every sentence, every person that I mention
Who's seen what I‘ve been through? Living in an igloo's cold
Anyone that knows me knows, yeah, English knows, Lowkey knows
I'm a rope-a-dope on the flow, I overflow
Is the beat, over? No, hold your nose
I'm'a go hard, go in, I can go under your skin
I was getting high when I wrote this, in the dark when I wrote this dawg
Don't believe me? I'm'a show them heart, nah nah
You ain't gonna to guess who's back
With a pen, pad, match and a petrol tank in my hand
God forbid anybody that's gassed
If you're gassed then the match might catch a spark
Ignite the dark and *WOOF* Everybody scarred?
Nah, everybody in the room's dead dawg
Except the heads that rep forget them?
Nah, the debt don't get settled the revenge is ours
Like what? Why they fucking with the realest
If you want it come and get it, why you talking dirty fillers
When you're fucking with gorillas
And you'll be wondering what the deal is
And I'm'a take you to the top and chuck you off a building
Want to know why I'm mad with the bars
Me and Matthew were sniffing sherbert in the back of the class
Head rush, whenever I said stuff my tongue would get numb
I've come to dead some, y'all don't want to be next up
Don't want to see Red Rum, best run when death comes
Want some? Come get some, feds get *WOOF*
The police, the old bill, your all pigs, you eat your own filth
But this ain't nothing you ever seen in no film
Put the money in the box, it's Deal or No Deal
D-d-d-d-do you think I won't kill?
It's move or lose your life, and you've got to do what's right
I got Sloth like, "Don't do this Mic"
Ten seconds on the clock it's choosing time
Now ‘One' where they gonna hide? gonna run?
‘Two' how many times have we bust feds?
‘Three' why they want to hype it?
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight Nine Ten! It's then I'm like;
‘One' where they gonna hide? gonna run?
Said ‘Two' how many times have we bust?
‘Three' why they want to hype it?
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight Nine Ten! Is when your time ends
That's war, keep talking I declare war
If you don't want it then why you staring for?
‘Cos you don't know me, therefore;

You don't know what we're capable of
Anyway, we came to take what we want
They've been taking the piss and now we're taking the pots
But they ain't got a pot to piss in but so what
You don't know what we're capable of
Anyway, we came to take what we want
They've been taking the piss and now we're taking the pots
But they ain't got a pot to piss in but so…

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On Fire in the Booth 2 by Mic Righteous

By Mary Brown


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Was it the song you were looking for? No

I’m looking for a broadway musical song. Thunder is in the title. Sung by a women, in the chorus it sings “when the sky falls, I’ll be the one looking straight ahead”
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