Come Up Full

Come Up Full

by Meg Hutchinson

on Come Up Full (2008)

Rose hips starfish periwinkles and stones
Clear evenings and stars and stars and stars
You bring me words when I need them
And none when I don't, none when I don't
Sea heather and sea glass down the winding road to the lighthouse
And the bells on the buoys ring and ring and ring
Across the harbor in the morning
Through our windows at night
So go drag your boat to the water
Just when you swear it off those nets are gonna
Come up full
Salt on our skin, wind in our hair
Sun on our shoulders everywhere
Blue of the water and the humming humming humming
Of the men in the morning, checking their catch
So go...
At night the fire replaces the sun
Just as one good dream's replaced by another one
The feel of you when I turn in the dark
All the little pebbles gone from my heart
I'll keep the red on my right, the green the green the green
On my left this evening just as you said
So go

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On Come Up Full by Meg Hutchinson

By madison


Was it the song you were looking for? No

Looking for a song by a blonde woman,
the lyrics I remember are something like
"boys in the morning never stay too long" then a line I can't remember but the last word rhymes with "too long"
then the line
"and I will fall for you"
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