Mario William Vitale

Words Warm Like A Sweater

by Mario William Vitale

I don't think I like it
It has no music to play behind it
I like rap better
Words warm you like a sweater
(Person 2)
What are you talking about?
Your writing poetry right now
It's probably making people stand up and say wow
Poetry is as creative as rap
You just got to put the words together to make it snap!
(Person 1)
Ok so what it doesn't matter if I rhyme?
Poetry's too much for me
It takes too much time
Adding alliteration and onomatopoeia
But really in the studio rapping is where I want to be-a
(Person 2)
So what nothing poetry doesn't have to rhyme
You can think of anything in such little time
Soon you'll see poetry is the best
Just get a paper and pen and let your mind do the rest
(Person 1)
Oh now I see it's making more sense to me
But me writing poetry is more like catastrophe
Like when it's raining cats and dogs
All that's in my mind is cloud and fog
(Person 2)
But you got it
So let's work and see
This is exactly where your mind should be
Now you and poetry could be like family
Brother and sister as happy as can be
All you got to do is take your head out the clouds
(Person 1 & 2)
And People would be cheering for us out loud!

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On Words Warm Like A Sweater by Mario William Vitale

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