Mario Kartel

Very Thotty

by Mario Kartel

[Verse 1]
Where's the thots?
I need one to come through(Come right now)
After I kill, bitch want me to cuddle and hold down(Fuck outta here)
That's a dub, she better get on her knees, and blow ya
I know you sucking dick,so come on mommy
She a slutty bitch, she sucking on cock
She very thotty
We gonna do whatever I like
It's my favorite cotty

I'm just tryna bust in your mouth
She very thotty
She like, we can do whatever i like
And she got the fatty
Got some thot juice chilling on ice
She don't deserve no Henny
She like she gon' suck it with ice
And i love the mazi

She a ho, a hoe[x3]

[Verse 2]
She a ho
Walking 'round like niggas dont already know that
Niggas scream ay yo
She turn around quick almost broke her neck, and her back
Ready to suck sacks
Stupid thotty bitch blow like its her fucking birthday
Candles on her back, she like Mar come here
And fucking blow that Hey, Hey
Kill me, Blow on my back
Know that ass fat, so i had to kill that
You already know it Mar Kartel
I won't tell, if you don't tell but...

I'm just tryna put it in your mouth
Stupid thotty
She like slap my ass that's what i like
Very slutty
She want me to bust on her cheeks
But don't tell nobody
Bitch giving head like she dont got no teeth
Extra sloppy


[Verse 3]
Thottiana Universe
Giving neck to the universe
When this song done
I bet you memorize you a verse
When she done sucking you soul out,you bet you dead
You gon' need you a hearse
Remind of Kakey the way she blew the D
Bedroom Bully, I thought i was a Bedroom Bully, B
But she beat me, bitch is a beast, freak in the sheets(Oh my Gosh)

I'm just tryna cum in her mouth
She very slutty
She like Mar put the dick, wherever you like
She a Cotty
No V.O.S.P thot juice on ice
She don't deserve no henny
She giving me chill with that fucking ice
Don't kiss that bitch, B

She,She, She's a Cotty(Fucking cotty)
I caught the body(Caught the body)
I got mazi(Got the mazi)
She's a cotty
I said she's a cotty(Very thotty)
I said she's a thotty(Very thotty)

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