My Soul


by Maria

on Songs For the Brokenhearted (2015), My Soul (2003)

I've been alone, since the day that you left me
'Cause i never told, just what you mean to me
I guess I'm afraid, of those kind of feelings
Didn't mean to push you away, i realize i made a big mistake

'cause you know i know, and i know you know
That every time you do, i get so lonely
I know you know, and you know i know
That every time you go, i get so lonely

Never fely this way, 'til you came into my life
And you made me feel, something that i thought i'd never like
Deep down you know, that you're everything i need
So why pretend, that you don't know its hurting me, 'cause

Tell me what it takes to make you come back home
Tell me what i have to say, 'cause i don't like being alone
Yes, you're everything i want, you're the better part of me
And, in case you didn't know, i love you more than anything

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