Marcus Bacalis

Lots Of Love

by Marcus Bacalis

on Unreleased

My heart was captured when you possessed it
Carressed and blessed it, even suggested
You love me and I love you
And together, it would just be us two
I would protect you, in your moment of fear
Relax, lover come over here
And let's create this heavenly fantasy
When you lay down next to me
I need you, and only you, to give me more
Tender love right down to the core
If you could read what's on my mind
You will find my feelings inside are genuine
When you first said that you loved me
I believed you Eva G.
And I knew it be so true
When I said I loved you too
Do you know who I am?
I'm your loving and caring man
Do you know what you are to me?
You are my dream girl and baby
Day after day, you're the one I'm thinking of
Baby girl with lots of love
Just to be honest
Your a beauty goddess
Your more than a perfect ten
Your numbers will just keep on growing until the end
And trust me sweetie when I say
I want to be with you until my dying day
I ride through the tunnel of love, share a milkshake
Carve our name in a tree by the lake
Look in your eyes 'cause I miss you so much
The way you say, I love you, baby and your gentle touch
We reminisce with a little kiss
And out of all the girls, you're the first on my list
The only one now, and truly for life
My fiance and future wife
Baby girl we will grow old together I envision
And baby I've made my decision
I'm asking you now will you marry me?
I know I might be asking you prematurely
We've talked about marriage already
One that's in in spring
I bringing you as much love as a man can be bring
One with flowers everywhere
And the weather being perfectly fair
That's my dream day and I truly hope
That that day will be purer than the pope
That we mean it when we exchange vows
Want to do as soon soon as possible even now
Talked about kids even if we're teens
Said what i would do for you and what you would do for me
And I hope with all my heart, Eva. G
That all of this comes to be
Now you realize, you're the one I'm thinking of
Baby girl with lots of love
I'll treat you like a queen
Give you what you want and what you need
And if I don't know please tell me
And I'll do my best to get it for you Eva G.
And it's for real it's true love
And there's no doubt about it, baby, I'm so strung
On your love, looks, and affection
You qualify, top choice selection
Woman of the best breed
Mmm, cutie, you got what I need
I want to love you but not to go too fast
Knowing we have a long time 'cause our love will last
'cause we got many nights to cuddle by the fireplace
You blush when I touch your sexy face
I feel so guilty when you say
That you don't want to tell me what happened the other day
'cause your afraid that I'll get mad
But baby as long as I'm with you I'm always glad
You can trust me with anything
'cause forgiving is all I will bring
Even if you were cheating on me
I would forgive you instantly
'cause I love with all my heart and more
And my love for you will just soar
Even though we can't talk 'cause I'm grounded
I'm sure that our love will be rebounded
I used to think you were cheating on me
But now I know that is silly to believe
'cause I remember the promise that you made
That you won't cheat on me even if our love fades
Now you realize you're the one I'm thinking of
Baby girl with lots of love
God made you so perfect and beautiful
So I feel giving you love is plain suitable
A walk by the beach, watch the sunset
Love is strong, like when we first met
Wake up in the morning, see your face
And I feel noone can take your place
Ever, so don't even think about it
I need your love and I can't live without it
You are what makes me a man
You're more of me than even I am
Baby, you're the one I'm thinking of
From me Marcus to you baby with lots of love

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On Lots Of Love by Marcus Bacalis

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