Mandroid Echostar

Kingdom and the Crown

by Mandroid Echostar

on Mandroid Echostar (2012)

Earth she speaks,
Pray the Gods might hear,
'cause the water's rising.
We can feel her fear,
We can feel her fear.

Tread through the rivers of cities once standing,
Through the falling,
And embrace your kin at
The foot of your family tree.
Skies will fall,
Under the weight,
The weight of it all.

I know the words I would have said if,
If the gods could hear us now.
I would do it all again,
Take back the kingdom and the crown.
I know the words I would've said,
Oh God, please hear us beggars now.
Oh, it seems the world is in reverse,
We're too late.
If we were children of the Gods,
They would hear our song.

Still I know,
Creators remain in the stars,
Live this night in,
A shield of celestial arms.
Lift your soul,
Shed light on darkening skies,
Paradise in
The kingdom of uprising tide.

We're falling and falling fast.
Hold on for your life.
We're falling and falling fast.
Look to the sky for the hand of some deity.
Sun arise from sleep,
Send back these waves from our homes and our cities.
We're falling and falling fast.
Bring us a dawn of illumination.
We're falling and falling fast.
Show us the way of a nature enlightening.
Sun arise from sleep,
Cast out the demons of never ending night.
Dawn awake and sing,
Fear not my children,
The orbit will flow once more, once more,
Once more.