Paranormal Songs


by Malbec

on Paranormal Songs (2012)

Someday you will find me lost in town
Half-good half-just-drunk-man
In town

And after a simple talk we'll be alone together
Our paradoxal walk seems to combine for better

And we'll try so hard to adjust pets and records
Please, just take care, I am human

Someday you will watch me burn in hell
Then you'll know I've been here
In hell

Soon you will know that all happiness' up to borrow
And if my eyes turn red, I'm sure you'll be fine tomorrow
When we'll hardly remind where we met
Past concerns that colder hearts we laughed

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On Uptown by Malbec

By yana S


Was it the song you were looking for? No

I'm looking for an old blues song (by a woman) that goes "you can have that no-good half of a man" and "please don't mess with my man". Note: NOT Irma Irving "you can have my husband"

Thank you so much!

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