by Mahhest

on Disquiet (2018)

[Verse 1]
See it was like that, cold as one [of] these at nights at
That place you go to fight the feelin when you too afraid to attach
So you just listen, n peep the stars, n even Mars
N it don't take a Visa charge, to heal the scars
N I ain't got no credit anyway, guess it's sad to say
I traded it all in so I could see her just another day
The way that people change its noone left when you got hell to pay
That's why I keep receipts for every muthafuckin bar I say
I'm sick of this depression shit, my word is bond but they ain't wanna invest in it
"Come get infested with these broads"
They love seein ya scars n depletin ya heart
Cuz he cheated before, n this cycle got me nauseous
Exes got me cautious
I'm lookin for the love in Babylon so where the drugs at?
Guess I should hit my plug back
I'm drowning in the tub, blackin out cuz I can't see the fuckin light or where the love at
Get at me if you heard that, I'm trynna take my words back
Lord, gimme Henney know it's plenty on the tarmac
Don't ask me where broads at, don't hit me with the call back
Lord, say it with me, "I got 30 for the dub sack"
Guess I gotta get my bread up
Nikka what you scared of?
Nikka I got 25 blunts to keep ya head up
"Whatchu doin?" Ne'er enough, fuck I'm doin near enough, fuck, damn...

Hound dogs...on my trail
School children...sittin in jail
Black cat...come cross my path
Feel like every day gone be my last

Why I'm drinkin, I don't know
Shoes off, you could smell my toes
More then likely, I ain't goin
Fuck y'all, I ain't home n
I ain't got, no answers for ya
Leave me, the fuck alonia
Bendin blocks, no curb no corners
Writin rhymes, trynna find, Lithonia

Hound dogs, on my trial
Sittin in jail
Come across my path
That day just might be ya last...

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