They tryna be cray(Prod.Steert)

by Maglvxx

Get out my zone
Said get out my way
But my last song got a thousand plays
Not tryna flex
But i'm just saying might be up next
Slide in there dms then they just curve me
Talk to these ppl then they just swerve me
Don't know what to write in these lyrics
Idc i just want ppl to hear it
Dropped a bop last night
Tryna make it happen twice
But these songs gotta be precise
It's really abt the editing and quality
None of y'all gettin on top of me
Never stoppin me
Rockin beats
Dropping heat
I just go
With the flow
You know
Yea i skateboard
Ppl wearing thrasher but they should skate more
But this music i make more
This written all in one night
But it stay hype
Blow this song up
Make it get a lot of plays
Back in april was in disarray
I stay the same
I never change
Flip the script
But we on the same page
Write another one
Plays gonna get aton
Don't mean to keep talking bout it
But i'm gonna
Don't mumble cause i'm not gunna
But i rap well
Yea i'm bipolar if you can't tell
This almost over
So ima say whatever
Cause i can't think of anything
But i just wrote you many things
That what i'm bout i'm out
Jk idk
Prod by steert


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