Classic Limited Edition

15 Years In

by Made Men

on Classic Limited Edition (1999)

I can't adjust to this new way of livin
I've always been a product of the street, crime drivin
I came up under older niggas up to no good
What I don't know, you was nuthin in your own hood
Baggin up Manilla envelopes of weed
Likin bag after bag, until it made my lips bleed
You want your shit, slide your money under the door
And if you try somethin funny, you get wet up wit the 4-4
I used to be on 4 corners bustin all nights
To the sun up, not afraid to hold my gun up
Started sniffin bags of Brown Smurf
Dennis "the" Mennace
Stickin niggaz, now just let me finish
5 years later, i'm trapped up in this game shit
Faces change, but it's really all the same shit
These young Boston Mass. niggaz taught a city yo
Eight floor, Superior Court, they lockin niggaz up
I heard the soundz form the steel door slamin
I heard the soundz of my nigga Tee's gun jamin
My nigga Rock, Damn near died up in my lap
And should'nt nobody have to go through that
I'm FED investigated, got drama in the streets
I'm doin drugs, and tryin to rap and fuck beats
Every other day be like runin from the jake
Don't wanna see my dog like that, outta way
It's gettin so, I can't even shed tears
Forget all that, let's talk about these last 5 years
I never took for granted why i'm still breathin
A family is for somethin, but I don't know the reason
I survived through all the agony and pain
Of years pass, dodgin death when you call my name
It's over dog, it's a new time, new era
Almost got 15 years for 3 letters
It's fucked up, the FED's got you snitchin on a ho
No stay of execution, cause niggaz ain't comin home
I lost about 100 niggaz to these streets
My lifestyle's changed, but i still hold heat
I'd rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6
Colect calls, niggaz be sendin me flix
I'm older now so that means i'm much wiser
Stay 1 step ahead of the game, my pops is liver
He always said grave don't have no fear
He always told me hey don't trust no bitch
He said make sure you take care of your moms
And most important of all, hey don't be no snitch
These are the words that i live by
That's why i'm still here
After 15...

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On 15 Years In by Made Men

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