US Pop 20s


by Mackan Lamar

on US Pop 20s (2022)

Verse 1
Another day gone, and its gone in flames
With the pain of now, and yesterday
One question; do you feel the same
You hunt for bread, but invite shame
Shit happens, but its you to blame
You let them hoes
You let them burn your name
I know you feel the same
In the game, you have no claim
Focus on the frame
And forget the fame
Doesnt matter , if you gat a fair game
Push the button , and the seat reclines
Kick my feet up, am rеady to tame
My game is hot,you knw your game is lamе
In the hood, stacking up the card game
Call me ali, we only use false names
Look in the mirror, i can't see my face
I shined so bright, i gat stars on my face
These niggas hate the truth
The truth can't hurt me
Been thru shit, despite the jewerly on me
Plenty of girls, but they never loved me
They after something, they after my money
I move so pure, demons can't touch me
We ride with gas
You fuck with us, we light you up
We on the way to the top
And there is no stopping us

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On Same by Mackan Lamar

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