Mac Miller

Take Me to Paradise

by Mac Miller

[Produced by Millzbeats]

[Hook: Teressa La
Take me to paradise
Cause this games about as fair as life
We in a war that nobody gets to fight
Spit my life
Bring truth to the people
I'm just a kid that likes to do shit illegal

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
I spent the night to rock
But this writers block is kinda like the cops
Holding me back, I keep my dro in a sack
So while I'm holding this track, I keep my mind straight
MC's fold and collapse due to the crime rates
So I dip and climb gates, you never see me where you find jake Kid who rhymes great taking it back for old times sake
Times change and no one wasn't with you in the past
But I was letting records spin while I was sitting in the class
I take two hits and pass while I listen to this jazz
Walking home alone to find some kids to whip they ass
Cause fuck it
See the streets is cold, they might be eating your soul
Rolling with dough like a pizza roll
I used to steal little shit out the convenient store
They used to catch me ask me "Mac, what you need this for?"
I said "It's just a tootsie roll, can I please just go?"
Paradise, I believe I'm home, yo

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
They act like I never have to face the heat
Cause I got a place to sleep and a plate to eat
I come reeling, on the real, I gotta thank my moms
Cause there ain't shit wrong with making songs
So lets blaze this bomb till the haze is gone
I write shit you copy and paste your songs (Biter!)
God damn Im making these hot jams
And I ain't showing love to the dudes thats not fam
My words is all over these beats like hot pans
I got fans so I plot plans for the top stands
And when that day comes homie I'mma stay young
Like peter pan even if Im sleeping in a van
I just need a couple grams so I can feed a struggling fam
I got a dream to see some seats thats filled with fans
Paradise, no easy street
So if I get hungry, I'mma eat this beat

[Hook] (x2)

Take me to paradisex2


Take me to paradise


[Outro: Mac Miller]
That's what it is, damn that girl can sing
Teressa La
Gamba ladies and gentlemen and I'm out

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