MC Vapour

Skool Lyrics

by MC Vapour

base line
so move ur body
ruff ryder
the baseline provider
insida the ryda
check this
listen sound
you betta listen a sound...
you betta listen a sound...
a betta listen a sound
on my london town
here we go...
r you ready 4 the base
ready 4 the danger
mark ryder
mc vapour
i remember when i woz at school
they treated me like i woz a fool
punished me for try'na act cool
they sat me in a class facin the wall
others had a laugh but no fun for me
i had maths when they had p.e.
i practised for my gcse
i woz told the rest were better than me
in english everyone got c
not me they gave me a g
pushed and kicked by all the bully
cut my head on the ground
and grazed up my knee
sent to school on every birthday
an hours detention every friday
i had to work when others could play
so i said f**k this i'll be a dj

but no, i became an m.c.
and all of the kru just listened to me
coz they knew i had potential u see
and they all knew that i had it in me
more respect come day by d'g day
bullys moved rite out of my way
all becoz one day i sed hey
im vapour and im havin my say

right about now dis roles stirctly underground bussiness
mark ryder long side mc vapur tonight tonight blowin up like dinamite
dis 1
hip bound sound listen up get around try 2 touch dis down

five days a week im workin so hard
wanna keep chilling cool in my yard
i cant be freed never can be barred
im no laughin stock
im no picture card
doolally im goin insane
im a m-m-m-maniac mashin your brain
i told u once to go thru it again
that i run your block and im your pain
im insane in the membrane
im a m-m-m-maniac mashin your brain
give a double uppercut like Lenny McClean
insane in the m-n-m-m-n-membrane
insane in the m-n-m-m-n.....
......g-g-g-go vapour rollin this show

so move you body
rich sound
and dis song make u get out about

base line
come linlinlin.... come li line
.................mix in time
so move ur body
check dis out

football, volleyball, basketball,
its really cool, radical,
not for the silly fool,
racket ball, tennis ball,
squash ball, proper small,
emma harrison, jordan, proper tool,
golf ball, baseball, lets get tropical,
netball, softball, im never gonna fall,
4 star, diesel, come with the rocket fuel,
no alcohol when ur on a call

pam anderson, silicon dappa don,
when im on the mic im a lyrical rapper man,
rip up the dance floor, im a tapper man,
back 2 back, like a lyrical kappa man,
agitate, irritate, levitate, hesitate,
motivate, activate,
agitate, irritate, levitate, hesitate,
box full of fishin bate,
get upon the vibe,
put upon the dub plate.

so move u body

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