White Eyes


by MC Magic

on White Eyes (2003)

Presedntial Campaign
[Police Officer]
We have an APB on a 51-50 mental patient named Mr. Magic...
He hasn't taken his medication...
He is considered armed and crazy...

See, I'm a cool nigga - just don't get me mad
I start to tear shit up, acting fuckin bad
Pissin people off, throwing elbows
Even at the hoes, the club I have to close
But you ain't feelin me, come get your isha, nigga
See, you ain't scaring me, like you some kind of killa
See, I done killed two, so look up in my eyes
And what you wan' do, tell me what you wan' do?
I cuss your grandma, I ain't got no respect
You better leave me alone, before I grab you round your neck
I get a check nigga, see I'm lil retarded
I'm from across the canal, the city of New Orleans
You see this platinum chain? This The New No Limit
How could you play with yourself and think that we was finished?
So don't be swelling up, acting bout that there
Just stop that stupid thinking, 'cause I doubt that there

[Chorus: Magic]
Calm ya nerves nigga, 'cause I can thug too
Ain't got no love nigga, so what you wan' do?
I'm in the club nigga, kickin my thug on
Lookin for Big Booty bitches that I can rub on
You ain't scarin me, so what you wan' do?
What you wan' do, tell me what you wan' do?
And you ain't scammin nigga, so what you wan' do?
What you wan' do, tell me what you wan' do?

See, I'ma dumb nigga, when I got a gun, nigga
I shoot the neighbor's dogs and cats for fun, nigga
I was in Special Ed, see I ain't right, nigga
When I fight you I be fightin to take your life, nigga
I bite, kick and scratch - I ain't no fuckin boxer
I'm tryin to kill somethin or send somethin to the doctor
See I'm on medication to keep my nerves calm
The doctors told me without it I'm like a time bomb
I see dead people.. you think I'm fuckin scared?
I stay prepared got the calico right under the bed
I'm from the Nine, nigga, respect my mind, nigga
I'm bouty bouty, see I thug all the time, nigga
You with that bullshit, then get the fuck, nigga
Stay with that bullshit, and you'll get buck, nigga
I fuck over your guy, and to niggas that look like ya
Scratch off screamin "9th ward for life"


[Magic: repeat 4x]
One way, or the other, I'm gon find you
I'm gon get chu, get chu, get chu, get chu

[Outro 4x]
Put yo' drink down, get yo' thug on

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