Born To Win

Dear Jhené

by MBNel

on Born To Win (2019), Dear Jhené (2019)

Thank you, Ralph

I  know I never met you, but I love you like you here
Lately  I been fighting demons, thinking you might disappear
For my niggas, risk my life, now I be thinkin' twice
Told your mom I'll get you right and move your moms up out the trife, ayy
And  I'm an opp to my opps, if I was them, I wouldn't give a fuck
But  over you I'd do a hundred years and do a hundred plus
Over you forever trippin' and I'd bust a hundred guns
Over  you I'd risk it all and I'd bust a hundred drums
And I know that you ain't here, I pray to God that you healthy
Thuggin' in my hood just make me wish that I was wealthy
Used to never give a fuck, but baby, thank you, 'cause you helped me
Used  to never give a fuck, you kept me solid when I melted
And I'm praying for the best but I'm expecting for the worse
Got you tatted on my face because Jhené, you was my first
You turned me to the man, now I'm thinking of my moves
Lord, I just wanna make it, God, I just wanna move
Made decisions in my life I wish I never had to make
Been through so much shit, sometimes my life, I wanna take
Gotta keep my faith even though these niggas fake
And I been through so much shit, you can see it on my face
Damn, I miss my niggas
Y'all ain't even here to meet y'all niece
Damn, this shit is wicked
I'm forever trippin', nigga, fuck my enemies
I'll put you over me
You're my motivation, keep a nigga out the streets
But fuck it, I'm still thuggin', niggas know just how that be
You just took my heart, baby, I don't want it back
Hurt your mom a lot, but for you, I'll take it back, ayy
While your daddy here, I'ma always have your back
While your daddy here, I'ma always have your back, ayy, ayy
While your daddy here, I'll always have your back
Lately I been popping pills, help a nigga through a lot
Missing all my niggas who stuck up inside that box
I just popped another pill, damn, I'm feeling lost
Feel my problems disappear every time a nigga pop
Riding in this foreign and I'm under with these tints
Nah, I ain't Nick Cannon but I gotta keep them sticks
Used to being broke, I'm just hoping I get rich
Weight up on my shoulders, I'm feeling I'm overwhelmed, ayy
Dear Jhené, this your daddy speaking
You ain't gotta worry, 'cause baby, I ain't never leaving
Pistol in my pocket, I'll blow it, give me a reason
You the one who give me hope, I'm surrounded by some demons
Sincerely, Nel

This one for my daughter, I ain't even meet her yet
But I love her all my heart like
And it's still free all my niggas though, you know
Real thug nigga though
Any one of you niggas lookin', no ho shit
Gang, yellow shit

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On Dear Jhené by MBNel

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