Lots Of Luv'


by Luv'

on Lots Of Luv' (1979)

The Beatles sang a song about a hard days night
Elvis used to sing about Mama it's alright
It's alright but you're breaking my heart
DJ know we've been working this hard
So come on...
So come on...

Have a listen to this song for a minute or three
Do you understand what we want it to be
Name your price no need to be low
Maybe one or two tickets to Mexico
So come on...
So come on...

Hi, everybody this is Sam your record man
With your favourite tunes all night every way you like it
Hey, here's a real goodie for all you frustrated song writers out there
How about a free trip to Mexico for the composer of the best pop song
With a Latin American beat in our listen area
All you have to do is put it down on a paper and send it in
And well announce the winner next week
Then it's off to south of the border for a fun week in the sun for some lucky listener
Are you ready, then lets go

Do you like a rum cola
In a Mexican style
Do you like to meet a lady?
To go dancing tonight, dance to night

What's it gonna be, say it to me
Anything special, special for me
What will you do when you got what you want
Gimme some time first play this song
So come on..
So come on...

Well it looks like we just might have a winner
But a, I think we'll have to have a little business meeting
With our top three lovely finalists
We'll a keep you posted on the results ok?
And now it's coming up on 9:25
And the weather outside our studio looks
Too good to be true
So role down you car windows and don't you forget to
Stay tuned in all night every night
For the greatest tunes in town....

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