Representin' (Remix)

by Ludacris

on Representin (2012)

[Intro: Ludacris]
I'm in my zone so leave me alone
I'm in my zone so leave me alone
[Verse 1: Ludacris]
I represent like you
Never thought I could've, never could imagine
Sit back and relax in the back, gotta act
Remix this affirmative action
You gonna get this work
Yeah, we gonna smoke this purp
Come about them shoes
Come about them jeans
And come about that shirt
I only get better with time, girl
Play like I'm Psy, I'm a Virgo, that's just my sign, girl
Your friends is jealous and them bitches be like "why girl?"
‘Cause if I hit it once that pussy it'll always be mine, girl
[Hook: R. Kelly]
I made love to the original, but the remix
See, I just wanna fuck to the remix
Pop some bottles, take some shots to the remix
Up in the club screaming "DJ, play the remix"
[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Now what I ever do was keep it true
You reppin' me, I'm reppin' you
We steppin' through, we kept the flu
Sick Guiseppe shoes, cold pair of J's
Better not let us in unless y'all took your medicine
I father niggas' sneaker game, you my step child
Python on a snap back, R.I.P you reptiles
Cut you snake niggas off, and make my bitch a bag
They that slick hoes, too, now she's switching bags
Shout out to us, we the representatives
Funny we was killing ‘em when we went to LIV
I'm the brand, she the logo
So when they talk about us, call that promo
[Hook: R. Kelly]
[Verse 3: R. Kelly]
Move over, Kellz in the building
Aka. Rover, dawg's in the building
Keep them panties leaking from their legs to the floor
See, you are just a tenant, bitch, I'm the fucking landlord
After I'm done I ain't got no love for her
But the sex so good she be screaming ‘encore!'
Luda, Kellz' remix going hardcore
Keep fucking around, we gonna do a world tour
My money don't sleep, 24-8
Like I'm in a dream except I'm awake
Faubourg for breakfast, yeah my life is great
Y'all niggas be pausing, and I don't hesitate
Yo man, he's mocking, I'm original, he a copy
I'm Fonzie he's Potsie, man Joe is sloppy
Mami called me Papi, better yet call me Rocky
‘Cause I beat that pussy up like we fighting, hockey
[Hook: R. Kelly]

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On Representin' (Remix) by Ludacris

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