London O'Connor

A Song

by London O'Connor

Sometimes you feel like the world where you live is mad crazy on the real
And it's hard to express how depression just builds, I know how it feels

Sometimes I feel kidnapped up in my mind
Sometimes I feel kidnapped up in my mind, mind
I'm trying to unwind

I know I need to slow down when I'm chasing after dreams, take my time take my time
But this New York City want to rush me on the hush I think it's tryna take my time take my time
And I feel like everybodys trying to climb

We don't talk about it
Brush pasted you in the park and we pretend that it was fine
But since I'm here with you, you, well it's time to
Talk about are all and find and let it rhyme through
If I could steal the moment Imma let it shine through
And talk about the real and let y'all know the deal like

Sometimes I'm scared and I feel unprepared
Life is in this weird
Space where I'm living way to far inside my head
Do y'all feel the same? sh*t just goes unsaid
A whole lot of pressure in this college or whatever to be great and be better to the letter grade
But as I'm learning I wonder if I'm turning into the person I imagine or just one that's safe
And I just want to say this is all apart of the play
And you gotta do is trust you, and that's enough too
And can't nobody stop you but you, I mean can't nobody stop you but you

I know it's gonna settle, even though the world is heavy I just gotta learn to let go
And appreciate cause everything is great

I'm going through it now but I'm gonna be fine
And that's my time, and that's my time

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