Go Go Gadget

Go Go Gadget

by Lilcockpump

on Go Go Gadget (2019)

[Intro: Lil

[Verse 1: Lil
Now the Cock came up, things a little different
People lookin' at the Cock, wonder what his mother did
So you down with the Cock since, like, day one?
Seen the Cock got the sauce, call the shit A1
But, things are gettin' difficult, the way I see the game
Everyone is the same, with the same fuckin' lines
With the same fuckin' lines, with the same fuckin' dyed hair
But, where? I dare you to be different
Lil Cock gang, magnificent
Cock feelin' like [?]
Cock feelin' like I'm Superman
Cock feelin' like I'm Batman
I'm Cat in the Hat, man
I feelin' like I'm Scatman, ska-badibababadoo
If the Cock can do it, then so can you
Just get up off yo' ass, man
And work hard, don't quit man
If you wanna be that big man with the big house and the big booty bitches
Lil Cock gang put hoes in these snitches
Fuck all these likes and fuck all these [?]
It's Dolphin
Boyz till my gills 'plode
It's fuck all these bitches, I'll suck on they toes
Clamp still that gang, hoe
Yeah, fuckin' with these bitches got me feelin' so different
Actin' like I'm stupid, but this shit is just deliberate

[Chorus: Lil
Cock Gang stay up, but I feel stagnant
Is this a stage or is this a habit?
Cock boutta go, go, go, go, gadget
I'm boutta go, go, gadget

[Verse 2: Kay The Yacht]
LV sweater, same color as my coat
Big backwoods, same color as my hoe
5'9 niggas, same color as my smoke
Bitch made, switchblade, givin' us a quick fade
I was in the cut, like Kunta Kinte
Neck gold, ice froze, left in the slay
Black double G imprint on my shades
Your momma held up and your dad been gay
Strict nigga shit, everything that I say
I don't get flamed, nigga, makin' them plays
AK, mayday, bitch, I'ma grade A
Line niggas jumpin', nigga, they don't even care
[?], nigga, know I got range
Your sister suck dick, I just nutted on her face
Designer, my shoes, they got no lace
Designer, my blunts, nigga, ain't shit based
Bands on the body, count, got four K's
I'm the shit, hoe, cause the booty bodacious
Period, dot, dot, one exclamation
Bitch, you an alien, get on my spaceship

[Chorus: Kay The Yacht]
Kay The Yacht up, like a nigga still standin'
I'm boutta go, go, go, go, gadget
Kay The Yacht up, like a nigga still standin'
I'm boutta go, go, go, go, gadget

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