Alright then

by Lilblackheartshawty

[Yung Villain]:

Does it feel the same when you're with him?
Shoulda seen it coming, now you're with him
All that money wasted
All my time you wasted
Now I'm wasted all the time
Wish you'd come to a line with me
Baby, can't you see?
You're the only one for me
I'm the only one for you
Babygirl, it's true
You the reason for all the drugs I do

Alright, alright
I'll be fine, alright (x2)

Do you think of me when you're sucking his dick?
Does he think of me when he's fucking my chick?
All the conversations
All the tears I wasted
Now I'm wasted all the time
Baby, come do a line with me

With me, with me, with me, with me


With me, with me

Did you ever think of me when you're kissing him?
When he slips inside, when he opens your mind
Did he pull your hair out from behind?
Like you wanted that night
And did you both fight?
Like we did
And how I hid
You would burn me down
Just to wear my crown
But the ashes finally blew me away
All that we attempted to create, yeah, with me
Now I'm off a Klonopin with a Val
On my way to hell
With me, with me

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