Lil Scrappy

Bo Hagon's Phone Call

by Lil Scrappy

Man, like everything fina workout like this sh*t fina jump
'Cuz this sh*t fina jump like a trapolena, I promise
You feel me?

[Bo Hagon:]
I already know Boi
I'm talkin' 'bout this fina go down dough
But sh*t, yea my dog, I'ma holla at ya man, you be cool out there though

sh*t gotta be cool, gotta be cool, gotta stay down
Like you know what I'ma sayin'? Like you my n*gga
I love you, you feel me, I know you feel me

[Bo Hagon:]
I feel you dog, you know I love you n*gga
I been yea n*gga scince day one
I'm talkin' from day one
n*gga, I been right there beside ya
But hell yea, but uh you be cool dog and I'ma f*ck wit you in 1 min

Yea in 1 min 'cuz like you holla at me in 1 minute
Any time you want to holla at me
1 minute is 1 minute, my minute is yo 1 minute
We gotta stay down in this sh*t man
We gotta stay strong in this sh*t man
f*ck these n*ggas haten on us man

[Bo Hagon:]
f*ck these n*ggas man, I'm tellin' you Boi
A n*gga, a n*gga gotta stay strong dog
But hell yea, you be cool
I'ma probably hit you like tomorrow or sometime man

But hell yea man 'cause
Like I was tellin' my god damn wife like
n*gga, gotta make this bread
'Cuz like n*ggas think we playin' out here
Like you know what I'm sayin'
I don't know what tha f*ck the rest of these n*ggas doin'
But I'm tryin' to make this money my n*gga
You know what I'm sayin', you feel me I know you feel me

[Bo Hagon:]
n*gga, if any n*gga feel ya in the world, n*gga I feel ya
But n*gga I'll holla at ya in a minute, alright
I'ma holla at ya probley... tomorrow or some sh*t
So you be cool, n*gga
Expect a phone call from me tomorrow, man
You hold it down

Knee high from the tree house, my n*gga
I'm trying to tell ya like that how it go down
Knee high from the tree house 'cuz, you my n*gga
We gon' stay down my n*gga, I'm holla at cha
You gon' holla at me and we gon' just stay

[Bo Hagon screaming:]
Damn, n*gga, get off the mutherf*ckin' phone n*gga, bye!

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