Lil Redneck

Caden diss

by Lil Redneck

[Intro: Lil Redneck & K-Dizzle]
Aye, Caden
We gotta say this 'cause you a lyin' lil' shit, so I'm gonna diss you (yeah)
Same with KD
Like we used to be friends, but now you kinda annoyin'
Make sense? (yeah)
Lemme tell you the story (yeah)
Yeah, you two friends
Lil Redneck
Aight, stop buyin' this shit, man (that's annoyin' still)
I don't need yo money, lil bitch, I'm good (you still talk)

[Verse 1: Lil Redneck & K-Dizzle]
Lil bitch, I don't give a motherfuckin' shit
I don't give a fuck about yo stupid ass and record shit
You a bitch, I don't give a fuck
Who the fuck are you? You a bitch ass cunt
Man, this shit ended, yo end direction, son
Let's talk about how Hayden Lyles beat yo ass, hun
Who gives a fuck about you? You's a bitch
You can sucka on my fat fuckin' dick (you got a small)
We call you "needle dick" (Mamba!)
We call you "needle dick" for a fuckin' reason, bitch
I'mma keep goin', bro (oh, hell, I'm not done)
(Three minutes more)

[Verse 2: Lil Redneck & K-Dizzle]
You's a bitch, suck a dick, man, I don't give a fuck 'bout yo shit
Who gives a fuck about you? You act like I'm not talkin' to you
Who gives a fuck about you? End direction, you
That's why you got no friends and that's why you got dumped by Anahii, dude
That's why I'm 'bout to steal yo motherfuckin' bitch, who gives a shit?
You a bitch, you a short lil' bitch, who gives a fuck?
Hayden's ass, but you can fuckin' suck that
You big shit, I'm done with you, lil' bitch ass cunt, I'm not a hater (Mamba!)

[Break: Lil Redneck & K-Dizzle]
Lil Redneck
(I'm sorry, Caden, but you know, who gives a shit?)
(Man, uh)

[Verse 3: K-Dizzle & Lil Redneck]
Sometimes, you a lil' bitch
And now I have to pull a bitch
Now you not my friend no mo'
So I have to pull up, nigga (yeah!)
You're the one, China, and you know you failin', nigga
And you suckin' my dick, sing (uh!)
And you know, and you know, I'm acting Joshua the Fit
And yo, I dunk on yo ass, you might as well be strict
Suck on my dick and I give 'em toast, you know I'm strict
I give her ass, you know I'm a parrot, you know you on my dick

[Bridge: Lil Redneck & K-Dizzle]
Notice I'm up here
You don't know this, you can't notice (you know he's a bitch)

[Verse 4: Lil Redneck & K-Dizzle]
Lemme step back on this diss track
You, I don't fuckin' bitch, lemme fuck you 'til you fat (Mamba!)
Don't give a crap, I step up in this bitch like I don't give a shit
I can beat yo ass white, let's fight this shit
I'm a trainin' motherfuckin' monster (monster)
I'mma knock yo shit, out pumpin' Mohammed Ali

[Outro: Lil Redneck]
Who gives a fuck about you? Don't you?
I'll spread this shit, what can you fuckin' do?
Who gives a fuck about you? Stop buyin' me shit, lil' bitch
I'm down to-

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