Lil Phro


by Lil Phro

[Verse: Lil Phro]
First things first, let me say one thing
The best place in the world is my home Silver Spring
Next to DC, westside of Maryland
I got mad love for it, no it isn't just a fling
Its the #Hashtag
King, also known as The Tsar
Middle of the DMV, yeah you know where we are
Still close to DMB even tho we are far
Kid's the only one to ever borrow my car
You could catch me in Columbia
Whipping at the mall
I gotta cop some clothes to fresh for the fall
Make sure them jeans fit, I'm in the Pacsun stall
Oh you shop there too? Well don't we all
Started off in PG, then i went to MC
No hate for either, its the 301 baby
This is just state love, y'all call it narcissity
Your state didn't make the team, mine is first-string varsity
Like Boardwalk in Monopoly
Were so exclusive
Sike nah I'm joking
Were so inclusive
#1 in education man we're so educated
Look how far I have made it
Without getting faded
Now I'm station in Atlanta like I just got traded
The locals look at me, they see all of the ice and they hate it
They tryna get up into Spelman but they can't cause it's gated
I love my state, gotta state it
Cause it's so underrated
If you need feature homeboy, hit up my line
Imma give you the number just one more time
Man that'd be great
Free if you come from my state
I'm tryna get my weight down
While I'm in town
Yeah ATL
Yeah my name is Lil Phro
And i am coming at you from the big MD
And I'm tryna be best motherfucking MC
Not really tho
Cause I'm going to be more than that
And imma tell you what im thinking on this motherfucking track
I'm from a place where you don't gotta carry a gat
Tryna show you how to live not needing to watch your back
Me and my niggas tryna run a cul-de-sac
So I need to go ahead and make my pockets real fat
I ain't gonna stop until I make 10 figures
And if you don't believe me, you better watch me nigga
I'll be running these streets
Cause I be making these beats
Imma have a bunch of Phro fans filling these seats
Because defeat
Is not an option when you have ends to meet
Gotta provide if you between the sheets
Future family depending
On all the time that I'm spending
On rhymes or crimes or dimes
So no wasting or lending
The rules I be bending
To fit in with the family that's pending
Relationship mending
I gotta do it again and again and again and again

I do this for my son
I hope he's born in the 301

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On 301 by Lil Phro

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