by Lil Octopus

on Macaroni (2020)

Fuck these hoes fuck these bitches
I throw bodies into ditches
I fuck lunchroom chicken sandwiches
If you don't like it then get with it
Eat her ass like a bagel
I hit it hard like I'm Pablo
The backyardigans fucking your wife
She blew me like the bagpipes
Are you feeling it now mr Krabs
I beat my dick when I'm mad
Ripped it off but I feel great
Reattached it with flex tape
I fucked your grandpa, old and grey
I said no homo so it ain't gay
Got some salsa on my balls
I ain't sick but I still eat Hall's
I can rap so suck my dick
Eat my ass after I shit
You look like a Walmart gnome
How come my dad never made it home
He went out to buy some milk
14 years ago but still
All these rappers are below me
I stick my dick in macaroni
Now it's covered and it's cheesy
Blast into your teachers yeezys
In the ass is a slush puppie
Froze my tongue to a gas station freezie
I fuck your bitch, Then I go shit
I don't give two of em, Tickle my dick
Watch my dick rise like the sun on horizon
And then I blast like a red fire hydrant
Do it like neutron and fucking blast off
I got your girl in my bed on my cock
She fucking noisy she pant like a dog
Then I hit from behind and I cream on the lawn
I'm fucking sicker like I was the flu
I am up in her in her guts like food
Make her blackout as if I hit the fuse
Then I sit down and watch TV and news

[Instrumental solo]

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On Macaroni by Lil Octopus

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