Lil' O

Since I Seen You

by Lil' O

For the grown and sexy
S.U.C. style, that's what it is man

Since I seen you, we've been people
You're my equal, this love is see through
I wanna keep you, I wanna be with you

[Lil' Keke]
It's been rapture for love, since I layed eyes on ya
You captured a thug, and a real n*gga wants ya
Hips thighs legs, boo you a woman
Horse on the track, baby girl keep running
So-so jazzy, but a skeet taste nasty
She was Jaguar classy, couldn't let that pass me
True sex appeal, with the looks that kill
Flat stomach fat ass, with Stilleto heels
I'm a gangsta making money, so sugar that's what it's bout
If you talking my lil' language, then b*tch just speak it out
I'm a superstar, but this chick got value
In a slab day, dreaming of a moment to have ya
H-Town, and I'm known as a playa
Key to the city, VIP like the mayor
I'm looking in your eyes, it's the windows to your soul
28 years old, and I'm Northpole cold


[Big Pokey]
The sun, won't shine forever
But as long as it's here, then we might as well shine together
Have you rocking crock coats, and the finest leather
Full-in minks, D.G. boots and better
D.R. suits and sweaters, I got it you got it
And the best part of getting it, is when I get you up out it
I'm vibing on your skin tone, trying to be alone
Wanna move you down put you up, so I could be at home
But your curves, got a n*gga attention
I need a broad with benefits, like a 9-5 with a pitching
I'm digging in your trenches, get some wig on the benches
Sit you on the 20 inches, there's corners need some frenches
For real, let's run up in the room and chill
Ocean view, we can see the moon in here
Cook a n*gga some'ing, let me bump some'ing slow
Give it to me in the bed, and wake up on the flo'
I know what I know, and I can see what it show
When it talk to me, say I don't need another hoe you know


Was it love at first sight, or the sound of loud pipes
Or the lights on the chrome, on my Harley bike
Your jeans were so tight, that ass was just right
I'm feeling like Betty Write, tonight's the night
Since my game was up to par, and you know who I are
I raised the bar, had you standing there in aw
Now check my repitoure, since we are people
One plus one, always equal
Two, me up inside of you
Hiding you, cause I can't confide in you
And now the plot thickens, and I'm on a mission
Switching positions, hitting from the couch to the kitchen
Now baby girl listen, as I whisper in your ear
It go all up in ya, just like the pas-mere
We share so many years, and I want you to know
I'ma keep you by my side, and I don't wanna let you go


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