Lil Nono

My Ride in The SouthSide

by Lil Nono

[Verse 1:Lil' Nono']

Ok, I got these chrome rims on my Caddy
Super dope plating, Now come and hop in baby I can be ya Sugar
Let's ride thru Cincinnati
Her name is Ashley,Another name was Maddie
Man I got to stay faithful,to one girl
It just isn't working out
Because some random girls inbox me and I'm like "screw a thot"
I shout "opp,thot", to these random hoes, none of em' are faithful they gone use you for your dough
You know I stay swagged up with my diamond rings and my gold,fashoo
I'm the dopest so behold "Nono'"
Now listen,this is how the story unfolds
I'm a young rappin' trapper from the city of Toledo
State of Ohio,Southside's where it's at
Southend fashoo, it's my frickin' habitat
Don't chicken out in my hood,don't be a pussy cat
Because we got semi-auto's,we'll shoot cha up like BLAM,BANG BANG,SPLAT SPLAT
We'll let our bullets spray,now float away in your kayak up out my hood, ok?
Ok, Just running that thru yo head, no need for some beef and rumors to spread
That's why all my girls super thick and lean,and yo girl ass super flat, T.V. Screen
It's Lil' Nono' incase you haven't noticed,you must be sick and ill if you didn't notice
You need a free diagnosis

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On My Ride in The SouthSide by Lil Nono

By Lil Schmiffy


I'm looking for a trance/ techno song with very little lyrics the melody is made with a trumpet and the text goes something like:

Now listen this is how you trance

It's not much but I hope someone can help
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