Crunk Juice

Bo Hagon's Phone Call

by Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz

on Crunk Juice (2004)

Man like e'rythang fiddin to work out
like dis shit fiddin ta jump 'cause
this shit fiddin ta jump like a trapoline
i promise you, you feel me

[Bo Hagon]
I already know boy
I'm talkin it fiddin to go down thou
but shit yea my dawg
i'mma holla at ya man
you be cool out there thou

shit you gotta be cool 'cause
gotta be cool, gotta stay down
like you know what i'm sayin like
you my nigga, you know i luv ya
you feel me, you feel me, i know ya

[Bo Hagon]
i feel ya dawg
you know i luv ya nigga
i been ya nigga since day one
i'm talkin bout from day one nigga
i been right there beside ya
but hell yea but uh, you be cool dawg
i'mma fuck wit ya in one minute

yea in one minute 'cause
like you holla at me
in one minute anytime u wanna holla at me
one minute is one minute
my minute is your one minute
we gotta stay down in this shit man
we gotta stay strong in this shit man
fuck these niggas hatin on us man

[Bo Hagon]
fuck these niggas man
i'm tellin ya boy
a nigga gotta stay strong dawg

but hell yea you be cool
i'm prolly gonna hit ya like tomorrow or some time

yea, yea man 'cause
like i was tellin my cot damn wife
man like
a nigga gotta make dis bread 'cause
like niggas think we playin out here
like you know what i'm sayin
i don't know what tha fuck tha rest these niggas doin
but i'm tryin ta make dis money my nigga
you know what i'm sayin
i know you feel me, you feel me

[Bo Hagon]
NIGGA! if any nigga feel you in tha world
nigga i feel ya
but nigga i'mma holla at ya in a minute
alright i'mma holla at ya
prolly tomorrow or some shit
so you be cool nigga
and 'pect a phone call from me tomorrow man you hold it down

yea i'm from the tree?? nigga
i'm tryin ta tell ya like
that how it go down
these hye at tha tree?? 'cause
like you my nigga
like we gone stay down my nigga
i'm a holla at ya
you gone holla at me
and we just gone--

[Bo Hagon]

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On Bo Hagon's Phone Call by Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz

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