Undaground Legend (Explicit)

The Way We Ball (Rmx)

by Lil' Flip

on Undaground Legend (Explicit) (2002)

Heyyy, Gayyyyyyyy
This ain't the regular version
You know what (This is the remix y'all)
Ha ha, this for Lafayette, Arkansas
Alabama, Streetport, Louie Ville, Baton Rouge
Austin, Corporate Christian (This is the way we ball)

(Chorus - 2x)
And we like to floss, all my diamonds gloss
I represent the dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty South
(Why did you bring that fantasy baksetball)
And we riding blaze, Jags and Escalades
We Third Coast born but we all sections paid
(why dud you bring that fantasy baksetball)

(Lil' Flip)
Uh I'm Lil' Flip, I'm back on this track, I'm still pushing Heyy
But this time around, H.S.E. got green bayy
Now we got gay , cause we keep making hayy
My pockets like Oprah, they getting so gay (gay)
Cause I can do that, you know we been balling
We got Playstation 3, and four DVD's falling
My engine never stalling, so I'm speeding like flash
I changed my name to ATM, cause I've been having cash
I've been blowing hash, I been driving Jags
With Burberry paint, and now I make your gal faint
When she touch my car, and if she
Give head, she can't puff my 'gar
But now a nigel grown, so I need grown money
I don't wanna split poop, cause I need my own money
Then I'ma see Johnny, and buy another chain
And since I'm in a big body nigel get out my lane

(Lil Flip)
Yo, lil ron, I got one question to ask. Why did you bring your brand
New shiny fantasy baksetball?
(Lil Ron)
I got it for christmas. You don't even have a fantasy baksetball
(Lil Flip)
Yeah I do, you idiot. I have a Yahoo fantasy baksetball

(Lil' Ron)
I like this grape now, everyday we ball out
This purple stuff all day, until we all out
We ride black drops, sitting on twenty two's
And blow dro all night, back through the afternoon
I keep it coming, cause Lil' Ron's a bread winner
Better remember, chain froze up like it's December
Get your mind right, we playas of the decade
We ride blades on Jaguars and Escalades

(Young Redd)
Me g, I'm riding blades wher'ver I go
We repre-sent for the South where the music's slow
And this is, sipping purple and blowing hays
This is, grinding and getting paid
And you can keep your six hundred, give me a drop top
Plus a iced out watch, the size of a shop cart
This the, boy from the block wait but that ain't all
This here is the remix, and Redd and Ron gone ball, y'all
(Lil Flip)
Heyy redd, are you related to michael redd? He told me he
Doesn't even know how to scrimmage
I'm going to bounce Flip, I need to go to Sports Authority. Theres
A sale on fantasy baksetballs

(Chorus - 2x)
(Lil' Flip)
I'm swinging, about to rip the kizzerp, sipping on my syzzerp
And on the back of my throwback it say Larry Bizzerd
Cause all we do is shots, all we do is drink
I'm the only one who went to the prom in a mink
So how you love that, or do you really hate it
Or do you love the rims on my drop top Mercedes
I pack a 3-80, cause I got to watch my back
I'm still jamming Screw, I'm still jamming Pat
I represent the South, and you know we keep it crunk
We been having paper, you can ask my Hump Hump
And if you ever come to my town just holla
Cause Lil' Flip and Sucka Free all about they dollas

(Chorus - 2x)
(Lil Flip)
Aight, I was shopping for ESPN fantasy yoohoo baksetballs, and I
Wanted two pears at Footlocker. I need two pears, give me two


Lil Flip: Aight, TA lets ball

Hey Le
Bron, where do you take more shots, on the court, or at the liquor store? loser

Hey Le
Bron, it's ironic that you threw a pass between your legs because thats the only thing you have between your legs

Hey Lebron, whats worse, your term paper or that autobiography by tom arnold in your dorm?

Hey Le
Bron, whats higher, your vertical leap or your coach on gameday?

Hey Le
Bron, fantastic scholastic lebron james tour? more like, you suck you faggot tour

Hey Le
Bron, Daryl Strawberry was at the game to watch his son. He wants to know where you get such good weed

Hey Le
Bron, whats with the white patches on your arms? Nicorette doesn't help you quit heroin you idiot

Lil Flip: Lassssssssssst one

Hey Le
Bron, the WNBA called, YOU SUCK!!

(Chorus 2x)

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On The Way We Ball (Rmx) by Lil' Flip

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