Bad Azz

Smoking On Purple

by Lil Boosie

on Bad Azz (2006), Cali Conceptz Volume One (2010)

((Lil boosie))
Ease ya mind a lil bit (ease ya mind)((echo)) light up that blunt (light up that motherf**king blunt) ((echo)) let back that sunroof (let that shit back) ((echo))
This that shit that we ride to ((ride to)) this that shit that we vibe to ((vibe to)) this that shit that we get high to that gangsta music nigga and you can try but you aint lil boosie nigga no no
Bad bitches got you feeling great looked at me ceo like ceo lets get this cake baby i hit tha stage and hoes go crazy a playa mate all my hoes got jordan skills they fadeaway i hit da mally-mall ((shit)) throwback after throwback everybody want to take pictures they like damn you mister kodak ((they call me kodak)) smoke coming out my sunroof a nigga shining nigga love getting pussy nigga love rocking diamonds if you got kids in this world nigga handle your business and you dont need no nigga be independent its murder murder niggaz beefing niggaz slangin iron i keep that purple purp to ease my mind tonight...
(chorus) ((2x))
Smokin on purple easy my mind (this that shit that we get high to) yeah
Its murder murder murder gotta keep ya 9 (this that shit that we ride to)
I kno the game i know the street i got the raps you got the beats and we gon lay it down real sweet so yall can ride head bobbin side to side i dont want shit from my fans but this feel a real nigga vibe when ya down and out dont nobody trust ya but when ya got bread it seems like everybody love ya its still f**ked up man in certain cases (believe this look) they still racist i can see it on them bitches faces thats why im smokin and laughing i got my grind on they dont feel my struggle they think my mind gone thats why its murder murder kill kill on the corner these lil niggaz got big pistols ready to put it on ya so when ya die you might as well be high is it heaven or hell or is it all a lies thats why i smoke purple on monday purple on tuesday 2 glocks cocked so they wont blues me
((chorus)) ((2x))
In between chorus
Webbie: fa sho trill entertainment young savage get it right nigga
Smoking on dat doja i done got a bag for cheap nigga eyes bearly open and im glued to tha backseat boosie took another hit and then he passed it back to me this shit must got something in it nigga slipped some crack on me aint no crack up in the windows i can bearly even breathe got me fumbling and tripping almost passed the blunt to c got it cloudy in da bently nigga squinting tryin to see dont kno what time it is but i know its time to eat riding dirty bumpin riding dirty know how that shit be one day ur here and next day you gone on repeat with that 9 in my reach right now dying aint for me man this pine got me sleepy but im too high to go to sleep busting odors when you rolling potent as it posed to be and we rolling im smoking them back to back consistently keep moving dutches phillies garcils to swisher sweets young savage dont really care just put that shit up in the air
((chorus)) ((2x))

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On Smoking On Purple by Lil Boosie

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