Trapped in BasedWorld

Bitch Doing 30

by Lil B

on Trapped in BasedWorld (2012)

Damn right bitch, damn right you know what we do
Aye man I'm forealuh
You know what this is, this that Trapped in BasedWorld
Bitch you know what it do
[Verse 1]
Bitch doing 30, I'm on pills (Based God)
I'm so foreal, watch me skeet (Dayyyumm, Based God)
Ho it's Lil B from 7th street
Damn, Mmmmmmmm
Bitch fuck with me, what it is
Bitch got the biz, ho got the strap (Dayyyum, Dr. Phil)
K got the strap, Unc' got the Glock (Dr. Phil, Dayumm)
Bitch got the Glock, fuck who hot
Fuck your authority, fuck your position
I'm off the meter, Im Derek Jeter
I got jungle fever, that's forealuh
BitchMob killer, BitchMob hitter (Dayyyum, you feel me?)
Ski mask bitch, pink shirt bitch (Dayyum)
Tiny pants bitch, dope man bitch
I hit 40 licks and I'm down like a bitch
I look like a bitch and that's why I rep the clique
Let us pray (BitchMob, BitchMob)
[Prayer 1]
As i pray to the bitch, I promise to be fresh to the day i die
I promise to have a million bitches on my dick and never complain like these dry ass thirsty dudes around the world
As I Stay Based and I rep BitchMob, I know that there will be a million haters
But in the midst of a million haters, I will stay positive and I know I will win later
Everybody loves BitchMob because all the bitches love us
Let us pray
[Verse 2]
Pray to the bitch
Fonkin' with the bitch will get your ass hit
I'm talking Scooby Doo, Keke what it do?
Bitch I love you
Ho keep it cool, bitch what it do?
What it do? Fuck what it do
I'm down for the truth, I'm down for the smother
I'm smooth like butter, you know brother
I hit 90 licks and i look like you
You know what it do, I'm driving in my coupe
I'm blowing on my loot, fuck what you think
Fuck hitting the bank, fuck buying drank
I'm drunk off the fame, what's my fucking name?
I come off the street, white house deep
Pink bandana creep, fonking with the fleet
Call me Mr T., hit you with the beam
I'm down for the bleed, I'm down for the team
Let us pray again
[Prayer 2]
Thank you BasedGod cause we know there will be nobody else like Lil B
And as we come here and we rep the BitchMob with the pink bandana we keep it positive
But we know we are down for the bleed
Anybody that wants it: we our down for the bleed
Let's pray because we are not for the greed, we have no greed in our heart
BitchMob, we have no greed because we have a million bitches and we prosper
Hand them off, prosper
[Verse 3]
I got the bitches, 30,000 hoes, ski mask hoes
BasedWorld girls, I love the girls
Damn she look so good I'mma throw it in the bag
50 what it do? BasedGod what it do?
Bitch what it do? Kiki what it do?
Mmmm, 50 ridin' with me
Young BasedGod he got the swag of the century
Let us pray man, Like i say man this that BitchMob
Trapped in BasedWorld
Kyea, kyea, kyea
You already, its your boy Lil B nigga
Kyea, mmmm damn
BasedGod, damn, damn Swag swag mmmm damn

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On Bitch Doing 30 by Lil B

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