Bent Rules

Like me

by Kyle Bent

on Bent Rules

1 verse : there is no one like me
Day im finnah get my credit wonder when it might be
Lames R.I.P check them off like Nikes
High up in the sky im wondering who I might see
Cause im, looking down at my opposers
They said its all luck but I never touched a clover
Go an look all over you'll never find no one over me
All I'm hearing is yesses Im guessing everyone knows it's me
Go from spitting locally to doing shows overseas
Squares shape shifting just so they can get to roll with me
This is the future I want for my present
These royal fools don't think a fool can emerge from a peasant
I beg to differ

Chorus : La La La La La (there is no one like me)4x

2 verse : I remember when I was innocent
Living so happy hoping one day I'd reminisce
Really what happened friends really dont give a sh
Really what happened my family got their distances
Single child never had a sis or brother
So I got friends that felt like brothers from nother mothers
I love them and that's no homo, they stuck with me through the bummers
Now it's sad how we can pass and act like we don't know each other
Thats when friends turn into enemies, enemies turn to friends
Because they want the money ,the money you finnah spend
Bout now u got the power, the power is in your hands
So no more following ya'll when I can be making trends
Transitioning from the kid to the man
The best to ever do it yeah that is who I am
Im so far gone you can't tell where I am
Finally got buzz and you can tell by the fans

Chorus : La La La La La (there is no one like me)4x