Hustlers Convention

The Shit Hits The Fan Again

by Lightnin' Rod

on Hustler's Convention (1984), Hustlers Convention (1973)

I dropped and spun
Firing two rounds from my gun
While Spoon covered Grit with his shit
Miscaught the graze, I put two slugs twixt their eyes
Then we used Grit's body to split
We backed out slow, still clutching our dough
And using Grit's body as a shield
Spoon had the money in a sack
And his gun to Grit's back
So Grit made his body guards yield
When we got to the door, we flung Grit to the floor
And fired a few rounds in the air
The shots rang loud and it panicked the crowd
And they all started running for the rear
We cut out for the short, to avoid getting court
Now that the shit had hit the fan
But as we burst through the door
We were chased by four more
And they pursued us in a blue sedan
Fortunately our heart was fast
And we had a full tank of gas
As I accelerated to a hundred and five
But they were hot on our heels in some Oldsmobile wheels
Equipped with automatic superdrive

We headed west on the cross town express
To try and shake these jukes
But it became a three car race
When the police joined the chase
And our only chance was to head for the dumps
The sedan broke off the chase
When they saw the police car enter the case
As the pursuer became the prey
The driver lost his nerve and they smashed up on the curve
And were killed asa I could get away
Since we had 'em both beat at the jump
We arrived first at the dump
And pulled into one of the lanes
There were rows of abandoned wrecks
One right after the next
And they were linked by rusted chains
We had played there as kids and had often times hid
Stolen goods, jewelry or cash
We would got there a lot to hide stuff that was hot
When we couldn't get next to our stash
We stashed our cash in the twelfth car from the last
Then proceeded to get in the (?)
But we were a little too late
Cause they had us cut off at the gate
And the police were closing in
Seems they had radioed ahead as our lead on them spread
And five more men joined the pursuit
We found ourselves surrounded by the man
And we were forced to take a stand
Cause the only way out was to shout
They turned their flood lights on then used a bull horn
To tell us to throw down our arms
They guaranteed us a fair trial if we came out single file
And promised that we'd come to no harm
But we could tell by their rap
That they were laying a trap
To get us to step out the light
They would shoot a black man to death
On just suspicion of theft
So we figured it was better to fight
We shot their flood lights out
Then heard their captain shout
"Open fire on them men"
They (?) with a barrage of lead
That whistled past my head
And the shit hit the fan again
They pinned us down
With our stomachs to the ground
And I knew that we'd have to move fast
There was only one way out
And that was by a secret route
That we had often times used in the past
I told him "Spoon let's go"
But he yelled back no
And wanted to argue the point
But I told him that I didn't have the time
Cause I had already made up my mind
That he was not going back to the joint
He mumbled some shit about not wanting to split
Then reluctantly (?)
He hadn't been long gone
When the police came on (?)
With their tactics combined two more came up from behind
And shot me before I could turn around
I heard a whip-like crack and felt a pain in my back
As I slumped and fell to the ground
They started busting me up good
And would've killed me if they could
But for this one black cop on the scene
They were stomping me to death
And I was gasping for breath
When he stepped up and intervened

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On The Shit Hits The Fan Again by Lightnin' Rod

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