Beautiful Androids

She Came From Outer Space

by Lee Spitzer

on Beautiful Androids (2011), Lee Spitzer

Alone amongst the telescopes
In my love life I've lost all hope
So I sent a signal to space
To contact an alien race
A ship lands on a nearby plain
I run down to see who replied
A hatch opened and she emerged
A very beautiful android

She said "You got something I want
And I've got something you need
So present to me your coins
And we two shall be set free"
I did not have an abundance
But I gave her the coins I had
And she put them in her pocket
And so the merriment began

When the escapade was over
And we both were satiated
She said, "Call anytime lover"
Then she flew back up into space
She still crosses my mind
It was an out of this world night
I can convince her to be mine
Send a signal into the night

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On She Came From Outer Space by Lee Spitzer

By AaA


Was it the song you were looking for? No

Hi, I'm searching for a song that I heard a month ago. It was sung by a woman and it was probably a r&b song, but I only remember a small portion of the lyrics : "You've got something that I want and I've got something that you need...(...) . Make it easy on me"
Does anyone know this song?
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