by Le1f

on Dark York (2012), Hey (2014)


Yo ayo. wuut

Wut it is? Wut is up? Wut is wut?
Wut it do? Wut it don't?
Wut it is? Wut is up? Wut is wut?
Wut it do? Wut it don't?

[Verse 1]

Came through in the clutch, stomping like i'm up in Loubitons
Boys they wanna paint me like I'm canvas to do sumi on
I hate bottled water but whatever I'm pouring Evian
I'm the kind of john closet dudes wanna go steady on
Toss my gems up, raise the bar. Yung Phenomenon
I make a neo-nazi kamikaze wanna firebomb
I'm da bomb diggity. Got ya moms feelin me
Tell ya man chill on me. Hang loose like literally


Wut it is? Wut is up? Wut is wut?
Wut it do? Wut it don't?
Wut it is? Wut is up? Wut is wut?
Wut it do? Wut it don't?
I'm getting light in my loafers
And I stay getting life til life's over
I'm butter like cocoa
L O L O L O L I'm loco

[Verse 2]

I feel like I might be such sick rapper
People used to say I was articulate and dapper, so I
Started hugging trees and acting like a bastard
Just to show them who's the new master
Dumb ones thinking I'm from the bush
I hit em with a hee and I make em all shush
I'm black and I'm proud and my swag pack loud like
Vanilla swisher with bubblegum kush
Fantastic since Scholastic amongst dudes stiff like Mattel
Carbon copys look so plastic talking bout let's keep it real
I need a sharp fade baby line me up. Time to step your cookies up
You ain't giving it enough. I need my Oreo's double stuffed
Ukrainian cutie –he really wanna cuddle
The fever in his eyes. He wanna suckle on my muscle
He wanna burst my bubble and see what's up in my jungle
A Christopher Colombo fumble's how that cookie crumbled
This yuppie's talking blah blah. He wants to Bink my Jar Jar
He's twinked out. I'm like nuh uh. I'm laughing at em like haha
I'm an emperor. Wanna see me in my new clothes?
Mother of the house. Care to see me in a new pose?


[Verse 3]

Rolling up a personal and chomping on a mango
Whiskey in my cup, posing like i'm in a manga
I'm a black Ken doll, a number 2 pencil
Freshmaker like Mentos. Let me be your mentor
Aries, Leo rising. Nasty with the timing
I see a goonie vibing. I be like "hi man"
Native to the island. Fantasies realizing
I see a hater hating and I be like "goodbye fam"


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