Forget You

by Lax

Imma tell you a story here it goesâ€Â¦

Let me say this face to face
before you walk away from me
listen up baby
We know things ain't gunna change
I love you but she's in the way
where does that leave me? woahh
what a mess so wrapped up in you
and theres nobody else for me
in my heart I am so confused
but I keep telling myself..


forget you
that's all I wanna do
I gotta face the truth
cause this just ain't no good for me
forget you
I really wish I could get you off my mind
as hard as I may try I cant forget you

do dah do do do do doo
I just gotta forget you

Bri talk to em
Baby heres where i went wrong
thinkin I could have you
even though I knew the truth
you're in love with somebody else
don't mean no disrespect
but she aint got nothing on me woah woahhh
what a mess wish that i could get over you
my hearts tellin me to..

[chorus repeat ]

wish things were different but they're not
you and I will never be
and thats what is killing me
best thing for me to do is go and find somebody new
but that wont happen till i forgeeeeeeeet you dah do do do do do

[chorus repeat (2) ]

and that's the story
now you know how I feel
and that's all I gotta say

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