Double Standards

Loved You

by Kyraxx

on Double Standards (2017)

[Skit: Female & Male]
I don't love you anymore (Since when?)
Now, just now. Its over. (Doesn't matter. I love you. None of it matters)
Too late, goodbye. (I love you!)
Where?! (What?)
Show me. Where is this love? I, I can't see it. I can't touch it. I can't feel it. I can hear it. I can hear some words but I can't do anything with your easy words. Whatever you say, its too late. I'm done. Fuck off

[Chorus: Kyraxx]
Love is never easy when it hurts
You just gotta change up all your words
Carry me around I'm not your purse
Love don't last, well
You not the first, you the worst
Death do us part, fuck a hearse
Riding with my baby and we parked in reverse
Gotta push to start but I don't wanna push ya nerves
I don't wanna push ya...

[Verse 1: Kyraxx]
You said you never love me, it ain't hurt a bit
Yet I feel like I didn't love this bitch
Guess I'm not enough and not a little bit
Loved you more than sand is in the world
That's why I fell quick for you girl
That's why I'm in this shit for you girl
I gave you all of me and showed the world
Lay it down for you girl
I, paved the way for you my baby
Love you to the point that I act crazy
You be Yoncé I'll just be ya Jay Z
Dick so good you gotta fucking pay me
Treat you good and act like you ain't got no issues
If it's not a issue, I could fix the the issue
Cry a river, banking with you, fuck tissue
'cause my good dick alone will fix you
Said you moving on I don't agree
I never learnt to love, I never earned my degree
You should teach me but you don't got time for we
You've never been the one for the bullshit
But I swear I felt it
Never been relentless
My grip around your neck just like a necklace
Girl you used to love it when we sexing
You found somebody else and I'm just venting
Drugs in my body I need you right now
You say you loved me, you're never around
Your actions prove nothing
Your words make no sounds
It's time to move on but I need you right now...
Right now, right now, right now
And I need you right now, right now, right now
Uhh cause I loved you baby

[Chorus: Kyraxx]
Love is never easy when it hurts
You just gotta change up all your words
Carry me around I'm not your purse
Love don't last, well
You not the first, you the...

[Verse 2: Iotosh]
When I'm not wishing that, I could just forget it all
I'm wishing I could go back in time to when we used to talk
Instead I'm scrolling through our old conversations
And wishing I could find the courage to make a call... or even text Wish I could find the strength to send you a message
'bout memories bittersweet cause they're a curse and a blessing
To me, at least, I don't know if you think about them too
Like when we kissed in Principal's garden
And we felt it was destined for us to be together forever, some childish shit
But us being young was the only childish bit
Was fully prepared for you to be my wife and shit
If you had let me hit, you'd have had my child and shit
Both of us bright but always said that physics hard
But knew that if what we had was under the threat of being marred
We would defy the laws of physics just to keep each other's heart
But in the end, being alike is what drove us apart
Cause, opposites attract
So since both of us secretive, quiet, quick to retract
And we know everything obeys the laws of physics for a fact
How else did we expect the universe to react?
Honestly, I never cared as long as I had you
Cause we defied it all we weren't supposed to attract, we were exceptions to the law
'Hold You Now' was our favourite song
And as of writing this, the fucking rain started to fall
Reminiscing on pomegranate lips, the thick ones I used to kiss
When you'd play in my hair while I'd wrap my hands round those hips
But time passed, the hand no longer mine
I'm wasting time writing these lines
Best I forget it all and just put this all to rest
I don't think I'll ever call, I'll just hope you're always blessed

[Skit: Male & Female]
Why'd you fuck him (I wanted to)
Why? (I desired him)
Why?! (You weren't there)
Why him?! (He asked me nicely)
You're a liar (So?)
Who are you?! (I'm no one! Go on.)

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