Son Of Sam

The Devil May Cry

by Krizz Kaliko

on Son Of Sam (2013)

I've been deceived
Don't know the outcome
Watch me wander around

The world is a sinful place
Explore its wonderful treasures

Give me that
Yeah, yeah give me that
Yeah you give me that

[Verse 1:]
I ain't always gonna be in this perdicament, a hooligan
A money pursuin' fool, who love to be breaking rules
Punani won't always be at the root of it a gluteus glut
You won't always get to pushin' my buttons
So give'em a breather
I said a sinner a neither
Think I got a little time on the meter
A breather, make'em into one of the leaders
Of the new school, he'll gain true believers
STRANGE!, Give me a deranged look
It ain't a good thang but good bang if it ain't shook
Wanna erase the stigma, but I came from the Yates dispenser
Now we can escape enigma
Cause the people the people the people buyin', cd's and then we sign
And then they wait in line, and they do it every time
We get a little money, we poppin' bubly
It's lookin' lovely, we're really gettin' ugly
Yeah BUKU, I got too much dough (dough)
And I got too many hoes
Around me, grabbing on my coattail
Oh so, that I be meeting at the hotel, no tale
What will they do if shake em and I escape to the altar
The falter, they have nothing to offer
Shake off the devil take off to another level
He's all together, pissed off and I'm livin' better than

He probably tell me
Please don't turn away
He probably tell me
Please don't turn away
He probably say
I can't tell a lie
If I go to heaven, the Devil May Cry

[Bridge 2]
Yeah give me that
Yeah that too
Take that too

[Verse 2]
Listen, can have plenty riches and plenty bitches
When you want 'em
Never playing with penny pitchers you gon live above 'em
Well I've seen poverty and probably be a novelty forever
An anomaly with better cheddar
Yeah, you could be the guy
While they tellin' you it's too white
You think "Well could I?"
Through the music and live the good life
Or I could live righteous might just take a like it
Raise some kids and get a wife and
No, you can rep the Snake and the Bat
That mistake that came when you were breaking your back
True that and who that give 'em the road rage
The way I'm stressin' never livin' 'til my old days
Okay then drink the world's Kool-Aid
Look at the mess that you made
C'mon are you poo-ay?
Me and God got a due date (UH-HUH)
And now I'm trying to live my life holy
And now I got you famous you act like you don't know me

I think he told me
Please don't turn away
Please don't turn away
He probably tell me
I can't tell a lie
And if I get to Heaven
The Devil May Cry

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Devil may
May cry

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On The Devil May Cry by Krizz Kaliko

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