Don't Waste My Time

Don't Waste My Time (Remix)

by Krept & Konan

on Don't Waste My Time (2014)

[Hook: Konan]
If she ain't fucking, she got to go
Tell her, 'don't waste my time'
Police want to stop me, search my clothes
Tell 'em, 'don't waste my time'
If it ain't money, I ain't involved
Tell 'em, 'don't waste my time'
Wasteman waffling down my phone
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (nah nah nah)

Tell 'em, don't waste my time (kaboom)
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (oh yea)
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (na)
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (nah nah nah)
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (kaboom)
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (behave)
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (da)
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (nah nah nah)

[Verse 1: Krept]
Pray to The Lord nigga
In this cold world
I'm a born sinner
We pour liquor
Girl come Hova, it's all Jigga
Chicks wanna holla
Can't be my baby mama
Cos I don't need that drama
Unless she Rihanna

[Verse 2: Chip]
When Chip features on a verse
Pay attention to every word
I'm sick and I'll spread these germs
Fucking turn up till there's nowhere to turn
Put the weed in me, I'm a grinder
Got my spliff but I can't find my lighter
Tell an A&R you don't believe in me
Well, I don't believe in you either (dead)
Bitches don't waste my time
Even when they on their reds
Man I call that playing for the Gunners
I'll be shooting in your mouth instead
Look, I hope my mum don't hear this verse
Why are you raving with your empty purse?
See I told Konan I was feeling the original
I had to put the remix in the dirt

[Verse 3: Konan]
Pretty girl on my left
Pretty girl on my right
South side of that river
Tell 'em, don't waste my time (kaboom)
Troubz rolled up and he's buzzing
Screaming out "If they ain't with us then fuck 'em"
Excuse my French, I ain't worried bout nothin'
Nigga, I ain't worried bout nothin', haaan
Nigga, I ain't worried bout nothin', haaan

[Verse 4: French Montana]
Fuck you, I got a good lawyer
Gold chain, golden boy, French de la Hoya
Cocaine, no brain when I pull the toy up
Rope chains, made millions off the dope game
Man shooters they shoot, they don't talk
Killa, don't waste my time
If that watch don't cost about 50
Jeweller don't waste my time
She said you gonna be my big daddy
Tell her don't waste my time, don't hit my line
Bitch I'm lying
Make a couple mill every deal I sign
Came from the bottom, now my niggas all shining
We gon' hide the body where nobody gon' find him
Sign Illuminati for 'gatti and a island
When them Coke Boys run up on you, you go hiding

[Hook: Konan]

[Verse 5: Wretch 32]
From 2-6, I been in here
Next year, I'll be a millionaire
Don't phone me for shit unless you phone me for dick
Then I ask for the pussy and I'll stick it there
Yeah, I got a foul mouth
A foul car and a foul house
A red card get you pow pow
Running out of words every second is a countdown
Rest in peace my nigga from the Fast and the Furious
Life's too short so I spend it with dividends
Buy a new car, I'm in the race with the Lewis'
Took over my area, I do what the Jewish did
Say I'm Illuminati but I'm more like illuminate
Laminated but you're fascinated, daily duppy rated
Tell her, don't waste my time
Swallow my kids don't waste my life (kaboom)

[Verse 6: Chinx Drugz]
If they order anything less than a brick
Nigga don't waste my time
These hoes ain't fucking me and all my niggas
Tell her, 'don't waste my time'
Nigga they don't want 20 seconds on the clock
Tell 'em, don't waste my time
Heard a couple niggas scheming on my watch
Fuck nigga wanna waste my time
Couple hundred missin out your pocket in the morning
Nigga need to check that bitch, she lying
Label try school me, I'm already on fire
Tell 'em, don't waste my time
Left wit your bitch right in front of your face
Fuck with no rats, I don't fuck with no jake
On that but shackled they said sent you upstate
Snitches in your building caught the murder on tape

[Verse 7: Fekky]
Can I get a moment of silence?
Yeah, grew up on the GB blocks
I was ducking them sirens, nah
You can't tell me about violence
Can't tell me about dope
Tell me about whips, I was driving the finest
Ask thots, I had a strap in the whip
Armed boydem behind us
I woke up the dead
I woke up the dead, yeah
Used to have a brick in my lab and a big .44 in the shed (shottas)
Dirty man to the feds
Couple man wanted me dead
I'm still here, fuck them niggas
You heard what I said
Don't waste my time

[Hook: Konan]

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On Don't Waste My Time (Remix) by Krept & Konan

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