Mourning Comes

Mourning Comes

by Knowmads

on Mourning Comes (2018)

[Intro: Pepe]
Alright this is the last one
Let's do this shit, and get the fuck outta here
Imma just go in, uh

I don't want to think about suicide
I don't want to talk about suicide
How come all I see is suicide, suicide, Oh lord?
I don't want to talk about suicide, suicide, no more

[Verse 1: Pepe]
I wonder how they feel inside
Does their pain feel as real as mine?
I've been doing everything I can to heal my mind
But some days I hear these voices in my head, tell me
I ain't got no choices I'd be better off dead
Damn it's miserable, the way I see this world through this lens
While my best friend tell em pep, you doing it again
You don't understand the feeling, I don't wanna waste my breath on you
Woh, pep chill, homie really how depressed are you?
People might ignore me cause I'm dressed normal
If it wasn't for these meds I'd be less cordial
I don't need your sympathy, I don't want apologies
I just want the tools to feel happy, my psychology is
Impacted, you used to pop molly and xans
Until you off the shit and keep on having panic attacks
Running ten miles, trying to get my sanity back
Leave my pain on the record, leave my blood on the tracks
Like suicide, suicide, oh lord
I don't want to think about suicide, suicide, no more

[Verse 2: Pepe]
Yeah, she asked me: so on a scale to 1 to 10, how you feel today?
I feel like I don't know what it feels like to feel okay
I think the whole world against me, wanna see me fail
And if I died tomorrow nobody would even care
Social media just makes me feel unimportant
Running outta hope, running out of resources
People are here for you; fuck it, they don't understand me
For ten years I've been a burden on my fucking family
I don't want to start relations cause they turn unhealthy
And honestly there's nothing you can do to fucking help me
I can't hold down a job I'm a bag-a-bond
Feeling paralyzed, by myself sabotaged
Damn it's hard to chase my dream, stuck in this position
Say depression in my genes, that's my disposition
Fuck the stigma and your judgement, imma keep it real
This song's for anybody out there who been thinkin' 'bout…

Suicide, suicide, Oh lord?
I don't want to talk about suicide, suicide, no more
But every winter it's just suicide, suicide oh lord
I don't want to talk about suicide, suicide, no more

Buts it's on my mind

[Verse 3: Wilson]
Yeah …
As soon as autumn snow falling they've been known to go all in
I notice my phone ringing, forever that bloat calling
Ignoring their low balling backing love and all the highs
Future start to fold while that money on the rise
Uncovering the lies, my family start cutting ties
What is pride when I couldn't look my mother in the eyes
Feinds blowing up my line, real friends I never call
Set it all now can't speak on fentanyl without defending y'all
We all got a friend involved, we did not mean to let fall
Thought he'd make it to the league, ballin since he's 3 ft tall
Scissors without the pancakes cause I ain't flippin that
Cause I know where I'm headed but ain't loving where I'm living at
Thuggin with that bitch to match, closed dress and mo fresh
But really feelin so stress, fast money, slow debt
Scared of heights, so I'd like a tightrope with no net
Trying to deal with the fear, overcome but don't forget
Said maybe if I'd quit, still I'd do just fine
But I got enough spit for my shoes to shine
See nogges? Turn legit, working but ain't earning shit
Kids is curious if that reward is worth the risk
I'm rolling like thunder bout to crash tuck the heat
12 years in my truck, another 5 under the seat
Were shooting like Kobe den, hopped up in my dopamine?
Slowly getting lonely when cocaine became my only friend
Sometimes you gotta break it so you know it bend
Hoes is so pretend, relationships is open-end
I'm feeling like I'm, I'm feeling like I'm lost in hell
Taking meds till my face red as this shotgun shell
Like how the fuck am I not dead, or at least locked in jail?
On the edge, take my problems drop em on that scale

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On Mourning Comes by Knowmads

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