King Of The Dot

Real Deal vs Rone

by King Of The Dot

on World Domination 4

[Round 1: Rone]
So I always said there was one person I would never battle
So this here is a contradiction
So I had to see him different cause both of us on a mission
I realized that's not my boy, that's just a slithering politician
Cause there's no friends in this rap shit, it's only competition
And we're battling for this, so try to take my heart
You get lit up like I hit a fucking break light hard
There's a new sheriff, please let that grapevine start
Fuck a great white hope I'm a great white shark
As far as battling, this is Pittsburgh and Philly best rappers
But I always hated [?] so I hate their X-Factor
Since a child all those props are fake [?]
It was contact on sight like I worked at Lens Crafters
You a bum, like the rest of the 40 1-2
Your boy [?] like, "Yo, we're drinking 40's. Want two?"
Then how many will you drink those 40's? One? Two?
And you'll probably be up on it til you're 41 too
Up in [?] kick little Trev's 40 1, 2
I will coach Coach Trev', watch 40 1-2
If 40 was dropping on Smack that he gets [?]
Soon as I pull up it's going down like Steph Curry
Yo, your man talks shit? Right cross over your shoulder
It will get you crucified, right? Cross over your shoulder
He tried to dap it up like he only getting meal paper
I drop the stick in your back, yeah I call that shit a Deal breaker
Yo, you always on Mac Miller's dick
He's barely fucking with you
How you trying to come up off someone that's eight years younger than you?
You made B.E.T. for the battle but never for the tracks
So that's a promise Deal, you could B.E.T. on that
You're always begging me for [?] and I'm always rewarding ya
Now I'm feeling like a father because I gave son his formula
So I got no bars today about whatever son is teaching
I got no fake tales about what everybody's teaching
But to tell you that I made it through school with a ton of cheating
You [?] eyes on my paper that I never [?] to read
I will pay your girl students just to fuck with your plan dawg
First [?] tampons slapped right in your scantron
[?] just for the pure joy of killing a teacher's pet
I'm wilding, your grown man shit can't move me
I'm at McDonalds, fuck you and your fast food speech
I'm living right up in a life that is past your reach
Cause everybody knows that those who can't do; teach

[Round 1: Real Deal]
They said this the battle of Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh and Philly
He's not really from there so that's absurd and silly
But y'all wanted a fiend, and now you got him repping the shit
The truth is this is the battle for Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh vers'-
(Okay, what you're gonna do is you're gonna get off the turnpike, but you wanna stay on 77...)
In other words, you live 200 Miles From Philadelphia
But you my homie little Roney, I fuck with you cuz
And since you wanna claim Philly I'ma give you tough brotherly love
Bars, I could let the gorillas talk to him like Amy did in Congo
But I'm like Lebron though, SWAT show up on the block if he try to take it like Tiago
Switch it up, fisticuffs, Drake him with a combo
I'm one brew in going [?] in Toronto
Oh, that's a reference to that [?] tip your caps cause that [?]
They said they might not feel it though
I said, "Well I ain't feeling Rone."
Adam think he fly know, Adam trying to feel his oats/Oates
Hold on, "Adam" "Oates" "Bruins" "flies" "caps"
Damn, it's like y'all need to deal with [?]
Plus, don't Adam Oates have a deal to-
Aye, I'ma stop hot here, you don't compare
It's like watching a polar bear go and tear from a Tamagotchi
You? Have gotten cocky
Fresco came and he [?]
It was sad wartime, we saw Adam (atom) bomb like a Nagasaki
I'm hot as McDonald's coffee, you don't like? Sue me then
Y'all really got me fuming with this Puma wearing hooligan
I stick and move and then an overhand will drop him like
Quick jab, you ain't McNabb, stay in pocket five
From sports [?] to angles to jokes
Nothing in this battle shit I've yet to master
You're so fucking sweet, after you battle people they turn diabetic after
Fuck you and all your preppy friends that like to tie their sweaters backwards
You are not fly as hell Rone, you just have male flight attendant swagger
I don't usually do props, and I'm not doing this to be funny
But Adam, have a Snickers, you're kinda homosexual when you're hungry

[Round 2: Rone]
So, I know shit that could get you fired from your job dawg
Shit that could fuck your day to day shit up
I know shit that could make your son look at you different
I know shit that could fuck your relationship up
Y'all think you know the Real Deal? Well I bet I know him better
I seen an underside of Trevor he can barely hold together
Throwing up in my backseat on [?] on his sweater
A lifeless, limp body like a freshman at a kegger
You leading America's youth, covered in puke?
I'm thinking, "Damn, son
Just because you're not in class doesn't mean you can't have some."
Like, you got attention to detail, it's clear in all your bars dawg
Well how about some attention to detail in the interior of my car dawg?
All I can see is phony bars, son isn't really [?]
You'll get covered in all white like you play for Real Madrid
You don't even [?] so that shit from [?] is fake
So after I kill him, how is his son gonna inherit Real's estate?
Maybe if you weren't fakely in Dot Mobb, you might get respected more
I thought they were shooters from Harlem
So what'd they get you for? Tech support?
Like, you're not a real member of Dot Mobb, you're just one of their lame supporters
If they got infrared beams you got fucking laser pointers
You're not your team's quarterback, you're your team's token white guy
If you got a Mac in the back of the Ac', you are stealing your neighbors wi-fi
Yo, but I thought you joined it for support, they had your spot locked down
Well then how come none of the Dots are in the Dot right now?
Unless you counted Daylyt, well if so that's fitting
Cause I added two dots when I wrote this killing
You aim low, my aspiration [?] than yours
I could field any course, you're the feel of a cork
Like you think about your gift for like Clinton, Bush, Gore
You're thinking [?], I'm thinking, Bill, Al, George
You called Okwerdz to apologize for those bad [?] lines
Cause you got voted by some little fucking [?]
So if you go too far at the ending of your bars
I expect a sincere apology right afterwards
And you played offensive center in football in high school without impressive [?]
You couldn't make the next level but you gave it your best and tried
Well battling Okwerdz shit, it ain't really a special find
And you were never really built to handle offensive lines
And you might go get mad Real, but I'ma keep it mad real
You started in the gutter man you stuck up in the rat wheel
[?] and impressive when it's all that you have Deal
But you ain't really bad Deal you just got a bad deal

[Round 2: Real Deal]
Battle rappers call each other "gay" all the time, it's just battle banter
But if I say you "gay" today, homie I mean it, take that as candor
Your preference is common question, we're waiting for Adam's answer
You're funny like Adam Sandler but "funny" like Adam Lambert
You ran track in high school, the relay team
It was like y'all was brothers
Let me get this straight, you wore cootchie cutters, tank tops and passed pipe to each other?
You probably used your freshman roomie's dick to pole vault you to the top bunk
And judging by your size, if someone ever licked a shot in the sky, you'd see this broad jump
Now I don't knock the fact that you went to college cause that's not how I feel
I mean, I went to school too, it was popping for real
The difference is I'm set, jumping steps and making sure they caught up on bills
How are you so good at track but couldn't get a job in your field?
Now aye, not to be too personal, he went to school for journalism
I don't know what y'all think that actually is
Too me that's pretentious pussies like you that write "news" and act like they give a shit
Can you imagine Adam Ferrone in the desert, parked out in the news van?
Telling us about the terrible conditions and how children are starving in the Sudan
Then he goes back to the five star telly, sips some wine and tries to tell us some views
Well, it didn't happen, you're a busser and battle rapper
I bet them Sudanese kids are eating better even than you
You spent all the day at home, talking on the phone
Praying to God that the debt collectors will consolidate your loan
Rone, I'm pulling for you, really hope your album pays
Cause if not, Penn State's gonna show you how half of the valley ain't
You know Sallie Mae?
She's waiting to fuck you just like an alley rape
Cause you signed up for the interest but slept on the Math like that Cali great
But you're the suburban pretty hipster
Soft rock, acoustic rapping don
Influenced by John Mayer, yeah you better battle on
Cause making tracks like Jason Mraz, somehow just ain't catching on
Ironically now, even Travis wants to kill himself whenever they play Adam's song
And, this is real shit...personal
I saw your ratchet ass mom on Brazzer'
Giving foot jobs with balls on her feet getting her hacky sack on

[Round 3: Rone]
You're not a rapper
You just rhyme as you spoke that shit
I tried to put a metronome to your last round, it fucking broke that shit
But you the top battle honky?
Knock him out his Abercrombie
Anytime is a good time for 5:00 shadow boxing
You think you got a hot style? That just makes me hostile
You think you talking chess well I had a [?]
Vice shit, my veterinarian put your dog down
No ,white shit, veteran Aryians will put your dawgs down
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
That might've gone a bit too far with those last two bars
But there's no way that I'm more Bradley Cooper than you are
You're not racist to the point that you would start a Klan army
But you would buy your daughter a dildo before you bought her a black Barbie
[?] I'm just trying to put up number like Matt Harvey
And run through more Trojans than a frat party with Matt Barkley
Well have y'all seen his girl? No wonder he's always rehearsing
But I bet she's really cool and a really unique person
And I bet those meat curtains smelly like street urchins and sea serpents
Cause she was born with a dick like Jamie Lee Curtis
Real talk, real talk
You and I have gotten drunk together on several occasions
Different places, city, states, shit...even different nations
And you come party with me but you can't compare you with me
We blow our checks at the bar, you got a family to feed
You taking battles out of state as a means to escape
But every bad deal you make takes food of your son's plate
And [?] treat you better cause you're such a nice guy
But you let her walk all over you cause you're such a nice guy
You fucking have the least paid top tier battle rapper, so you know he ain't legit
How you got "Deal" in your name and you can't negotiate for shit?
So you battle rap, as a way to hang on to your past
Off of Day', you thought you could make it of of them raps
Your son's the greatest thing you have
You thank God for his ass
But at the same time, it hurts when you walk through your path
So between rap and work, you use your jobs to relax
Bragging 'bout every day everyday like you're large [?]
You fuck around in the front [?] the back
The only thing they learn is jerking off while you in class
You shouldn't [?] like it's all that you have
Instead of popping them bottles you should be popping them tags
Buying clothes for your son, where your priorities at?
Yo little Trevor?!
(Yaah Yo!!)
That's the way you talk to your dad!
Who you think you fooling with? Real Deal's full of shit
What? You gonna punk me? Or is it, "we don't tolerate that bully shit"?
You try to toggle back and forth from villain to Chris Kringle
Talk shit on autotune and use it all over your shit single
Sometimes it's gun bars like you the best in the league
Sometimes it's "I can pass a piss test and my record is clean"
Yo, I realign the image that he's got
I don't wanna be your friend I want your fucking spot
So I saw an opportunity now I'm digging him a plot
Yo, this is exactly what you get just for giving me a shot

[Round 3: Real Deal]
Now it breaks my heart to see somebody use their whiteness as a gimmick
Like, "I'm white! I'm white! I'm white! I'm white! I'm white!"
Alright...we get
I'm white too, just like you, our pigments match true
But I embrace it, you disgrace it, do the song and dance like the shit is taboo
I went to public schools, fly white dude all the sister's rapped to
You went to Catholic schools, the whole staff was the cast of Sister Act 2
We wanted justice and there was none
Y'all wanted justice and there was nuns
We're screaming, "Don't trust anyone!"
You screaming, "Where's my trust fund?!"
Now I don't knock the fact that you grew up with a solid foundation
But why do you hang around racist white people that say racist shit
That start of with, "Bro, not to sound racist but...."
Can you imagine how him and them fucking frat dude's kicked it?
By the radio, waiting to be caller number 10 for Dave Matthews tickets
Then they switch the station on the fly when a black dude visits
I should take a Pabst Blue and fucking smack you with it
Now, true shit, I didn't even wanna battle you Rone
Just wanted to get on the card
To call out a couple pussies who been acting like views is what set you apart
Just by taking this battle, I prove I don't care who my friends and enemies are
Everyone is getting these bars
And it's not for hip hop cause I ain't Kendrick Lamar
So, why go back to killing Rone when I can kill these URL rappers since they all scared?
Chilla Jones is the biggest Mark to come out of Boston since Wahlberg
DNA, you're a pussy too
You don't wanna get with me either
You scared as fuck, keep it a buck like your little weekly special for features
JC's bitch ass backed out
Big bad Math said he can't diss me
Yung Ill said, "Maybe someday down the road bro", yo man miss me
Same faggot watched my battle with Magic like, "You the man!"
Now they dodge me
Cause I threw a wrench in the game like Patrick O'Houlihan
Aye, I'm a breath of fresh air to an art that's on an iron lung
The scariest white boy to hit URL, now that Iron's done
They accept me but reject me, they treat me like some kind of square
Organik's like, "We can't book that match, we ain't got that kind of fare."
Well I got a couple bucks and I bored, I got some time to spare
We can battle in my school auditorium and Arsonal can drive 'em there!
Y'all said, "Real, when are you battling on URL? You need to drop a blog on who's next
You've earned it, you deserve it a fucking shot at these vets."
But y'all bond with me right?
Whether or not I get a shot at the best
So that's right Smack White, they can't copy respect

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