King Enemy

Who Shot 2Pac

by King Lil G

on King Enemy (2012)

Uhh Yeah
Here We Go
[Verse 1]
It Was Nine - Five
On Your Way To Death Row
Bad Boy Killas
What You Taught Me On The West Coast
Always Screaming Out
Death To My Enemies
A Blue Devil's
On Your Hectic Glass Of Hennessy
Hail Mary - Bury You A Legend
Told The Judge You Was Raised Wrong
And That's Why You Blaze
I Was Only Eleven
I Thought I Was The One
You Were Talking To
When You Said Shorty's Gonna Be A Thug
I'm Writing Poetry
Trying To Follow Your Steps Dog
Trying To Motivate
All Of My Strong Single Moms
Baby Daddies In Prison
The Kids Tell You They Miss 'Em
They Keep Sending You Pictures
Of Every Lonely Christmas
In The Ghetto
We Could Still Hear The Loud Guns
And The Government
They Don't Give A Fuck About Us - Us
Deporting All The Immigrants
We Don't Get No Love
Even With A Black President
Who The Fuck Shot 2pac?
Who The Fuck Shot 2pac?
Something Everybody Wants To Know
Worldwide Everywhere That I Go
Who The Fuck Shot 2pac?
The Realest Muthafucker Ever Born
I'm Talking Bout Coast To Coast
Who The Fuck Shot 2pac?
Real Gs Never Die
In The California Sunshine
Who The Fuck Shot 2pac?
[Verse 2]
Killuminati All Through Your Body
I'm Paranoid
Avoiding Secret Societies
Hand Signs & Pyramids
They Wanna Target Minorities
Black People & Mexicans
I'm Blinded By The Color Of My Bandanna
And Then We Wonder
Why The Government Can't Stand Us
Running From The Police
Let Me Proceed
A Letter To The Pen
Respect To My OGs
I Keep Saying
Fuck The Music In My Radio
2pac Still Bumping In My Stereo
Ballad Of a Dead Soulja
Put It On Ya
You Came from New York
But You Ride For California
I Got The Chills When You Said
It Wouldn't Be L.A. Without Us
And Thats Real - In Gangsta-ville
Raps Changed Like You Wouldn't Believe
Everybody's Favorite Rapper
Is a Muthafucka With Skinny Jeans
I Give a Toast To Makaveli The Don
I'mma Drink This Hennessy
And I'm Gone

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On Who Shot 2Pac by King Lil G

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