Young Boy

Young Boy

by Kill Red

on Young Boy (2018)

[Chorus] x2

I fell in love with the pain yuh
I don't wanna sleep we can stay up
He don't wanna pay boy pay up, fake fuck I'mma show that boy what I'm made of
Begging him to show me that he bout it
Wanna pull up won't allow it
Imma change the colour of his outfit
Bitch boy I could change your mind if you doubt it

Talk shit but you know where I stay at
Front a lot don't know how to pay back
Young boy been chillin where his bae at
Sayin that she love me found the needle in the hay stack

I don't really know where my mind at
I don't want her I want time back
He gon get hit like a high hat
Fast life boy I've been moving like a time lapse

Young boy really came from the gutter
Young boy can't hang with no other
Young boy only came for the butter
Young with the bag and he spit like a stutter

Won't stop til I know that I'm winning
Fuck boy tryna diss won't admit it
Fuck boy tryna get it how I'm livin
Dem boys wanna hang but I ain't really wit it

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On Young Boy by Kill Red

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